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Orange to hold vote on transit tax

Posted June 7, 2012

— Orange County commissioners have agreed to place a referendum on a half-cent increase to the sales tax rate to support public transit on the November ballot.

Commissioners voted 5-2 late Tuesday in favor of the referendum.

Durham voters approved a similar transit tax proposal last November, but officials there said they won't implement it until voters in Orange and Wake counties follow suit.

Proceeds from the tax are supposed to help pay for the development of light-rail systems and the expansion of bus service across the Triangle.

Polls in Orange County over the years have shown consistent support for the idea of a transit-related surcharge.


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  • dcatz Jun 8, 2012

    Here's an idea :

    If people want to ride the bus, they can pay a bus fare. Why are the taxpayers of Orange County paying so that people who don't pay taxes here can ride the bus for free?

    Same goes for "light rail". Traffic is bad in Chapel Hill because the elitists there deliberately designed it that way (to discourage through traffic). Stop lights in Chapel Hill are actually deliberately timed so that you hit reds.

    Orange County has no business tax base to speak of (the liberals actively work against any attempt to establish retail stores or businesses in Orange County; see Carrboro Family Dollar) which means that the people shoulder most of the tax burden.

    No tax is high enough for liberals. They just keep taking and taking that which they do not own.

  • dennis8 Jun 8, 2012

    Hey rocket. Nothing the government does is done to make money or many times break even. If all that the government did could be done at a profit then there would be for profit group clamoring to do it. Should you pay for your own police, firefighters, and paramedics? How about the true cost of the roads you drive on every day? There are services that benefit society, our society that you are a part of, as a whole that should be paid for by the government. Public transportation is just one of those services.

  • rocket Jun 7, 2012

    "Some people value progress and are willing to pay for it. Then there's you."

    Then let those people pay for the new system in the form of fees. Why should those who will not use the system pay for it?

  • davidk_at_unc Jun 7, 2012

    "tax and tax and tax!! Typical!!" -- cwood3

    Whine and whine and whine!! Typical!!

    People are trying to implement changes to make their lives and communities better. How do YOU propose they pay for that? If you had read the article more closely, or at all, you may have noticed that Durham VOTERS approved the tax last November and now Orange County VOTERS will have an opportunity to do the same thing. That's right ... the PEOPLE of these communities see value in this project - enough to do something positive to make it succeed. Some people value progress and are willing to pay for it. Then there's you.

  • cwood3 Jun 7, 2012

    tax and tax and tax!! Typical!!