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Poll shows increasing support for same-sex marriage

Posted March 9, 2012

— More than half of the North Carolinians polled last month said they would oppose a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, a reflection of increasing support for those unions in the Tar Heel state. 

The poll, conducted by Elon University in partnership with the News & Observer, Charlotte Observer, WTVD-TV, WCNC-TV and News14 Carolina, surveyed 605 North Carolina residents on questions key to the 2012 political season including the marriage issue.

On ballots in the North Carolina primary election May 8, voters will be asked if they support amending the state constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

The Elon poll results seem to indicate that issue will fail. Fifty-four percent said they would opposed the amendment, while 38 percent would support it. When asked if they support full marriage rights for same-sex couples, 36 percent said yes, an increase of five percentage points from a similar poll a year ago.

Pollsters also asked about the Republican presidential primary and the race for governor.

Mitt Romney ranked highest among the GOP candidates, with 35 percent rating the former Massachusetts governor favorably. Texas Congressman Ron Paul and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorm trailed Romney, with 33 and 32 percent favorable ratings, respectively. Newt Gingrich was a distant third among North Carolinians polled, and he was the only GOP presidential candidate about whom more than half had an unfavorable view.

In the race for the N.C. governor's mansion, Republican Pat McCrory had the highest favorable rating, at 33 percent, but a great number of those questioned characterized themselves as "unable to judge" the gubernatorial candidates.   


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  • raleighdurham Mar 13, 2012

    amendment one is BAD for north carolina. it's bad for business and both current nc business leaders and national business leaders have spoken out against it. don't let north carolina be dragged backwards - economically and socially! please be sure to register to vote and then show up on may 8th and cast your vote against discrimination and against government control in our personal lives! remember: gay marriage is already illegal in north carolina. even if this amendment is voted down, gay marriage will remain illegal. and your straight marriage will remain as is, no. matter. what.

    protect the sanctity of our state's constitution! it was created to protect individual liberties, not to limit them!

  • dcatz Mar 12, 2012

    Liberal media reporting. Twist the facts. Most Americans are against interracial marriage. If it were to be voted on by "all" Americans in a national election it would be crushed. But, as usual the minority wants "liberal judges" to decide the issue.

  • Sniffles Mar 12, 2012

    whatusay - I couldn't agree with you more!

  • whatusay Mar 12, 2012

    Liberal media reporting. Twist the facts. Most Americans are against gay marriage. If it were to be voted on by "all" Americans in a national election it would be crushed. But, as usual the minority wants "liberal judges" to decide the issue.

  • simplelogic Mar 12, 2012

    I think support for same-sex marriage is growing because as more gays come out of the closet, more and more people realize that someone they care about is gay. When you care about someone, you want them to be happy, no matter what your political leaning may be. It's really a humanitarian issue after all.

  • HateIsNOTaFamilyValue Mar 9, 2012


    Google "ppp poll nc same sex marriage" 55% OPPOSE the amendment.

    Civitas is a partisan biased organization.

  • Aggou Mar 9, 2012

    lol, some of you people make me laugh.

    I can't wait for this amendment to pass by a wide majority. African American voters are the biggest group in support of this amendment. You guys think that if more dems turn out that this will fail. However, you neglect to realize that African Americans are socially conservative, and fiscally liberal.

    Thanks to the D primary, I have even greater faith that this amendment will fail. Why don't you guys check out the stories from the pro-amendment side, and you'll see a lot of AAs will turn out in large numbers for this amendment and help it pass.

  • geosol Mar 9, 2012

    Its important for right wing America to show how ignorant they can be. So what if it means violating the US Constitution and that we need BIG GOVERNMENT to support our hate-filled agenda! Remember, this is what Jesus had to say about same sex marriage in the New Testament:
    Thank You, wingers!

  • Chairman of the Bored Mar 9, 2012

    Can anyone give a specific example of how gay marriage harms NC or America in any way?

    The fact of the matter is that this amendment is so poorly worded it is not about gay marriage, which is already illegal in North Carolina. This law will also have adverse affects on women who are beaten by their partners, and long term partners who have a loved one in the hospital or needs when incapacitated.

  • Biza Mar 9, 2012

    Everyone should have the same rights, no more no less.