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GOP candidates meet, compete for Wake seat

Posted March 3, 2012
Updated March 4, 2012

— The three Republican candidates who want to replace Democrat Brad Miller in North Carolina's 13th Congressional District faced off Saturday evening in Raleigh for a forum sponsored by The Civitas Institute. 

Paul Coble, chairman of the Wake County Board of Commissioners, former U.S. Attorney George Holding, and Bill Randall, a businessman who ran against Miller in 2010, will try to convince voters that they deserve the GOP nomination to face Democrat David Price. 

They returned time and again to the topic of the economy, attacking President Barack Obama and each other about how to better balance the budget.

"We need to cut until we spend as much or less than we take in," Holding said. "And the cuts are going to be difficult."

Randall wanted to go even further. "We need to look at being efficient and effective and even look to return money to the taxpayers, not just get it down to zero," he said.

Coble described spending in Washington, D.C., as an addiction. "If we don't change that," he said, "we will see our economy destroyed, and we will see this country go into bankruptcy. We will actually lose our economic security in this country."

13th Congressional Debate 13th Congressional Debate

The discussion got most heated when moderator David Crabtree, of WRAL News, pushed the candidates on their support for North Carolina's Amendment 1, the proposition to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

All three agreed it was right to let a vote decide the issue. "Is the will of the people ever wrong?" Crabtree asked.

Holding lightened the mood by saying, "We did make one mistake – electing Barack Obama president of the United States." 

Miller decided in January that he wouldn't seek a sixth term after Republican lawmakers redrew his district to pit him against Price, the Democratic incumbent in the 4th District. 

The debate was the capstone to a two-day conference hosted by Civitas to encourage conservative activism in the coming political season.


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  • kodac31 Mar 5, 2012

    Davis Price is a "career politician" who has made millions off the taxpayers all the while falling right in line with the likes of Nancy Pelosi, & Barrack Obama...NEVERN, NEVER ONCE BREAKING RANKS with the National Liberals to do and serve the best interest of the citizens of North Carolina!! Price must be voted out for good and we should replace him with a extremely hard working, dilegent, thourough, conservative principled man that TOOK DOWN & PROSECUTED DISGRACED FORMER GOVERNER MIKE EASLEY, FORMER SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE JIM BLACK, FORMER DEMOCRAT CROOK AGRICULTURE COMMISIONER MEG SCOTT PHIPPS, two other former NC State Senators...GEORGE HOLDING, former US Prosecutor, has the morals, ethics, & integrity we need in a NC Congressman to send to Washington!!!

  • Z Man Mar 5, 2012

    David Price is just another Obama pawn voting to spend money on anything and everything. He needs to go.

  • Jim Britt Mar 5, 2012

    I can't believe Paul Coble would leave us with the UN poised to pounce on us with communist property management and socialist sustainability schemes. Say it ain't so Paul.

  • nancymillermartin Mar 5, 2012

    So David Price is running in the 4th district and the 13th district? He's going to be a busy man.

  • bigal02282 Mar 5, 2012

    Please raise your right hand and repeat after me the "Conservative Doctrine". We will scream "Lower Corporate Taxes at the top of our lungs at every chance we get because we owe them allegiance. We promise to divert, deny, and obfuscate every single item that is brought to our attention to move our country forward. I promise to make sure women stay in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. etc. etc."

  • corey3rd Mar 5, 2012

    It's like Toddlers and Tiaras as the trio flaunted themselves for a chance to get Art Pope's money.