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Debra Goldman announces bid for state auditor

Posted February 1, 2012

— Wake County Board of Education member Debra Goldman announced Wednesday that she is running against State Auditor Beth Wood in this year's election.

Goldman, a Republican, said in her announcement that she would become a "fiscal watchdog" who would revolutionize the way state government is assessed.

She said North Carolina taxpayers have lost faith in their elected officials and have become cynical of state government as a result the "increasing number of public financial scandals, reports of fiscal mismanagement and the dire emergency resulting from shoddy and fraudulent Medicaid casework."

"North Carolina desperately needs someone who holds sacred their charge to watch over the public trust, who holds a resolute and impenetrable line to guard and protect the taxpayers, who feels compelled to stand a firm watch to protect and defend our state’s legacy of responsibility in governance," Goldman said.

According to the Wake County school system's website, Goldman's professional experience includes management, business development, staffing, procurement, sales, marketing and consulting.

She was elected to the school board in 2009. Her term expires in November 2013.

Wood, a Democrat and certified public accountant, has served in the state auditor's office for more than a decade. She was elected to her post in 2008, becoming the state's first female auditor.

"In their roles as governor and state auditor, I regret to say that Bev Perdue and Beth Wood have failed North Carolina," Goldman said. "We have seen record levels of unemployment, thousands of jobs leave our state, and while we cannot credit them with creating many jobs, we can acknowledge that Bev and Beth have excelled in both creating and ignoring scandals."

Goldman is part of a Republican bloc of school board members who have each said they are seeking higher public office this year.

Board member John Tedesco said last week that he is running for state schools superintendent. Board member Chris Malone announced in September that he is running for the newly redrawn 35th District seat of the state House.


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  • superman Feb 2, 2012

    The Wake County school board is a joke. People all across the state and nation has been having fun with them. She doesnt seem to be as qualified as the "General". Guess I am a bit from the old school. If you going to fight fires--please be a fire fighter. With no background and training a person is soon way over their head in deep water. If you going to swim across the river please know how to stay afoat.

  • hpr641 Feb 2, 2012

    Y'all DO realize that this is, effectively, a management position, right? Meaning, the State Auditor generally doesn't do any audits himself/herself ... they put into position the actual auditors, along with the auditors' supervisors, and those supervisors' managers. North Carolina NEVER had a State Auditor with a CPA license until 2007 (Les Merritt).

    It comes down to this: If you think that Beth Wood has done a great job of serving us as our state government watchdog, vote for her. If not, look for someone else. Or, you can just blindly vote straight-ticket, and by default, be voting for whoever happens to be who your party's nominee for each and every post.

    I.e., I've heard it estimated that Merritt had about 100K more votes than Wood ... outside of straight-ticket votes. So, were people voting for Wood, or for whatever Democrat was behind door #2, regardless of qualifications?.

  • miseem Feb 1, 2012

    luvbailey - Merritt did mess up a couple of times, if I recall, it involved some outside consulting. However, I think that both he & Beth Wood have been capable state auditors. I agree with your opinion on Goldman.

  • Rebelyell55 Feb 1, 2012

    While I don't know much about this lady, I'll have to say I'll back Beth Wood if she runs again. I'm an independent, and have been for over 35 years. I've seen some good people coming into office and I'll say Ms. Wood has so far shown to be one of the most go getting, for the state and citizens type of offical we truely need in our goverment. I also think there a lot more good she has yet to do and can do for our state.

  • whistler411 Feb 1, 2012

    She and Tedesco are delusional.

  • The Fox Feb 1, 2012

    "Does she have an accounting/financial background? If not she needs to go away."

    She sounds just as qualified as Ralph Campbell was. Yall voted for him, right?

  • Randy Cox Feb 1, 2012

    As with Tedesco, it never really was 'about the children.'
    -- davidgnews


  • Remy Feb 1, 2012

    "Is it me or does picture 1 remind you a lot of Octo-Mom?"

    It is you.

  • Remy Feb 1, 2012

    Funny how all the WCPSS reps were so high and mighty until they lost control. Now they can't stand it any longer and are taking a hike. Our children are better off without them.

  • harmstrong4 Feb 1, 2012

    she knows she is gone in 2013... cannot trust her...