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Tedesco's state superintendent decision expected next week

Posted January 18, 2012

— Wake County school board member John Tedesco says he will decide by Jan. 26 whether he will run this year for state school superintendent.

Rumors have been circulating for months that Tedesco, a Republican, has been considering a run against Democratic incumbent June Atkinson, but he has neither confirmed nor denied them.

In a statement released Wednesday afternoon, however, he said he and his family plan to devote the next week to "serious and prayerful consideration" of a potential statewide run.

"During recent months, community leaders whom I admire and respect from across this great state have asked me to consider bringing my dedication, leadership, and lifetime of passion for helping children to the office of State Superintendent," the District 2 school board member, who represents southeast Wake County, said.

"I am honored by their belief in my tenacity and track record of success. I truly believe that together we can strengthen education in North Carolina. We can and must produce significant measurable results for our students, support parents, empower teachers, reduce bureaucracy, and increase local controls."

If Tedesco runs, he'll face primary opposition from Cary teacher Ray Martin and former Monroe City Council candidate Richard Alexander, who've already declared their candidacy.

On the Democratic side, Atkinson will face Rep. Rick Glazier, D-Cumberland, in the primaries. Both announced their intentions to run Wednesday.

Atkinson, who was first sworn in as superintendent seven months late in 2005 because of election litigation and who sued four years later to protect her powers, said in an interview she doesn't want to leave office during what she calls a remodeling effort for the public schools.

"It was a hard decision but there's quite a few things that we have under way," Atkinson told The Associated Press. "I feel like we're in the middle of the game and I don't want to leave the game."


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  • tired2 Jan 19, 2012

    Does this guy realize he was a pawn in a local game? Game over; pawn expendable. But alas,'tis a free country and we may have to endure the nonsense all over again. Reminds me of cats....they keep coming back.

  • haggis basher Jan 19, 2012

    "Thanks to the NC legislature and Governor."

    What did Bev do now?

  • haggis basher Jan 19, 2012

    Bye Squeaky, you will not be missed...........

  • Remy Jan 19, 2012

    Can't stand the waiting. Please tell us now John. I need to get prepared for how hard I will have to work to be sure you are never elected to this position.

  • smhnraleigh Jan 19, 2012

    I guess the Mayan calendar prophecy is true after all...if he runs...and wins....it's the end of the world for education in this state.

  • soyousay Jan 19, 2012

    Its about the kids...in fact he can roll out his old campaign where he has a random kid with him touting himself as prokid profamily, inthat he has neither, I found him creepy even then

  • grayboomerang Jan 18, 2012

    In the Words of Nancy Regan...JUST SAY NO.

  • Shamrock Jan 18, 2012

    "John is a class act. He genuinely cares about helping kids be successful. NC schools need a huge revamp to help the children of NC compete in a global economy in the lower. No longer can we afford to be in the lowest performing states in the nation. He has proven that diluting a problem via bussing kids all over does nothing to help these at risk kids. John has my blessing."

    Someone in that position that calls his peers names is not a class act. You should look up that phrase because it does not apply to him. Wanting to help children, and actually having the skills are two different things. He has proven nothing other than he has no business in our school system.

  • HomeBrewDude Jan 18, 2012

    @cherrydarling how about a school system that teaches how to use "there" vs. "their"?

  • jherndon60 Jan 18, 2012

    It's just amazing how politicians, school boards, and voters can say how much they want to "help the children of this State". There is going to be a mass teacher evacuation this year, in fact, it's already happening. The lowest paid teachers in the country are not going to hang much longer. The sad part is that the damage has already been done, to the teachers and students. Thanks to the NC legislature and Governor.