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Group works to put another presidential candidate on NC ballot

Posted December 20, 2011

— A nonprofit group that wants to change the way presidential candidates are nominated is working to get a another candidate on North Carolina's 2012 ballot.

Americans Elect, which plans an online convention in June to pick a candidate outside the Democratic and Republican parties, has obtained enough petition signatures to gain access to the presidential ballots in 13 states. California and Rhode Island became the latest states to approve the group's petitions on Monday.

In North Carolina, the group needs more than 85,000 signatures to get on the ballot, and members have fanned out across the state to get voters to sign on to the idea of a another presidential option.

"I think politics, as it works now for a lot of people, is broken," Americans Elect member Tyler Endsley said Tuesday.

The group has about 10 percent of the needed signatures so far, and it needs to reach its goal by June 29.

The Wake County Board of Elections brought in temporary workers to keep up with the influx of voter registrations and petitions.

"We have been getting a lot of petitioners, which is a great thing. It's pretty much just the political process," said Tiffany Holden of the elections board.

Americans Elect ballot petition drive Group collects signatures to get on NC presidential ballot

Americans Elect is tapping into a growing frustration nationwide with the two-party political system, said Damon Circosta, executive director of the North Carolina Center for Voter Education.

"There's a groundswell of support for something else," Circosta said.

The group has drawn skepticism in it's quest to change the process. People want to know what their motives are, who's pouring millions of dollars into their bank account and whether an online nomination can be secure.

"Most Americans always have a concern when they see secret money in politics," Circosta said.

As a nonprofit, Americans Elect isn't required to identify its donors, but group leaders said they would make the donor list public when voters nominate a candidate in June.

Supporters of the movement argue that their goal is to give voters more choice, not spoil the party.

"In order to spoil an election, someone has to own those votes. Votes are earned, not owned," Endsley said.


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  • barbstillkickin Dec 22, 2011

    It has been fun reading this. It is funny some stories have 200 to 300 comments this one has 44 and it is already going out the door. Guess the people at wral do not like us trashing there politicians.

  • barbstillkickin Dec 22, 2011

    Well folks I have seen this story go to the bottom of the page today so by 5 it will be gone thanks to wral's people who control our comments. I have had so many comments not aired due to my opinion not my language so it t has been nice reading about everyone's opinion but we will not read much more. Guess freedom of speech does not apply at wral.

  • barbstillkickin Dec 22, 2011

    I hate to inform you Follow_The_Money27617 but Obama has every big business in his pocket so does every single politician. Romney has a different attitude then Obama and from what I know of Mormons which is not much I know they are very loyal to their family therefor I would think Romney would be very loyal to America which would be a change. Instead of us always helping other country's don't you think it is time we start helping our own after all we have a very high poverty rate to.

  • smegma Dec 21, 2011


  • smegma Dec 21, 2011

    venitapeyton, isn't that how 2008 and 2004 and 2000 and 1996 and 1992 etc. etc. etc. were too? none of us john q. publics can run because we won't continue the agenda.

  • Follow_The_Money27617 Dec 21, 2011

    "I do not want Purdue ever again and I do not want Obama so whoever runs against them if it is only one person they have my vote"

    "Whoever"? Thats how we get the people we get. Pick a candidate you BELIEVE in and support him/her. Dont fall for who a poll says can win or who you feel can beat Obama. Why would I support Romney when his #1 contributor is Goldmann Sachs JUST LIKE Obama? Geez what would Goldmann want with Romney and Obama? OHHHHH most people will vote for ANYONE or WHOEVEr can beat Obama even though the person they are pushing is on Obamas team. Get it yet?

  • Homesteader79 Dec 21, 2011

    The reason why Washington is broken is because the leaders (slowly but surely since Woodrow Wilson) have overstepped the bounds of the Constitution. Read it. It is as relevant today as when it was penned. If we return to the structure of government within the document, we as a country will again prosper. A new and different party may not accomplish this but it is the only course of action for any party to get our country back on track to prosperity FOR THE PEOPLE!

  • Responsibleforactions Dec 21, 2011

    I updated my voter registration card from Republican to "UNAFFILIATED" - not that it makes a lot of difference I can still vote for whoever I please - but I hope if enough people change it will send a message we are tired of both parties and their kindergarden game playing

  • venitapeyton Dec 21, 2011

    How will a 3rd candidate be impacted by the US Electoral College? It's not enough to say a 3rd party candidate. It has to be a viable person with integrity, substance, common sense, enough money to sustain an election and fewer skeletons than the rest. So far, 2012 only shows candidates with money.

  • sabby06 Dec 21, 2011

    bring it to Jacksonville and I will sign it!