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Smithfield's sends Perry some NC 'cue

Posted September 23, 2011

— The Smithfield's Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q chain shipped two pounds of eastern North Carolina barbecue to Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Friday, hoping he would change his opinion of one of the state's signature dishes.

Perry was quoted in “Holy Smoke: The Big Book of North Carolina Barbecue” as saying that he "had road kill that tasted better than that" after once trying the eastern-style barbecue.

"While we acknowledge Texas-style barbecue is different from Eastern North Carolina Bar-B-Q, we are stunned that you feel barbecue from the Old North State pales so greatly in comparison," Richard Averitte, director of marketing for Smithfield's, wrote in a letter to Perry.

Along with the letter and the two pounds of barbecue, Averitte sent a pound of cole slaw and a pint of hot sauce.

"I strongly encourage you to revisit your experience with Eastern North Carolina Bar-B-Q and give you the opportunity to rectify your statement," he wrote. "We would also like to extend an invitation to you to dine in one of our restaurants when your presidential campaign trail visits North Carolina, so you can fully experience this important part of our culture."


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  • michaelclay Sep 26, 2011

    BBQ is really a matter of tast. I've had both and like them both, but I like NC's better. That may be because I'm from NC. But my thing is, how would we like a president that eats road kill.

  • kannr Sep 23, 2011

    ecu4ever..."Just moved from Texas. Beef brisket (Texas 'cue) can't even compare to East Carolina style (51st state) BBQ. Not bad, but not great though."

    I can gurantee that you've never tried anything close to my TX brisket. If you get it at a restaurant, it's not the same as a true Texan making it. A good brisket will almost melt in your mouth.

    NC BBQ looks like someone chewed it before it was put on your plate.

  • kannr Sep 23, 2011

    Although I have grown accustomed to eating NC BBQ, it is NOTHING like what we have in Texas. And, I'm sure that Gov. Perry will always love TX BBQ first and foremost. When I make TX BBQ and take it to work, I get more and more requests because it's not something you can find out here. Doesn't mean either is "better" it's just a preference thing.

  • heelsrule Sep 23, 2011

    Don't know if I could vote for anyone who disrespects our great Eastern NC 'cue!

  • we4turners Sep 23, 2011

    Should have sent him some Cooper's BBQ.

  • cheezchicken Sep 23, 2011


  • LuvLivingInCary Sep 23, 2011

    yep i have to agree with the govenor on this one. had better road kill.

  • 007KnightRider Sep 23, 2011

    Someone start a Facebook campaign...."Rick Perry Vs. NC BBQ"...that will teach him! NC BBQ is the best!

  • airbornemonty Sep 23, 2011

    Big mistake! Why not send the governor two pounds of North Carolina barbecued road kill being that he tasted it and liked it.

  • quaten Sep 23, 2011

    Some fine-dinning points for eastern style BBQ:

    - Choose a wine that tastes most like sweet tea.

    - Choose a vegetable medley that tastes most like cole-slaw and potato salad.

    - Choose a dinner roll that tastes most like a hush-puppy with honey butter.

    - Insist on a brand of meat sauce with the most red particles suspended in it.

    - Insist on flavored ice water that tastes most like tap water with lemon seeds.

    - Insist on an after dinner napkin that looks most like your shirt sleeve.

    - Insist on an after dinner mint that taste most like a tooth-pick.