Politicians, musicians, athletes, etc. – have you ever wanted to ask them a question? Read Q&As with our featured newsmakers of the week.



On the Record: Gov. PerdueGov. Bev Perdue
Q: When state employees were given a 1/2 percent pay cut, did you also take that same cut? And were you required to take the 10 hours of furlough time that the rest of us were required to take? – Jennifer Stevens, Goldsboro
A: Jennifer, thanks for asking ... (read more)
NASA Astronaut Bill McArthur Jr.NASA Astronaut Bill McArthur Jr.
Q: What did it feel like to walk in space? – Melissa Taylor, Raleigh
A: It was an absolute thrill to walk in space. Very often in space, we get to view what’s outside through a window. It’s much like going to the beach and ... (read more)
Auctioneer Ben FarrellAuctioneer Ben Farrell
Q: Why do you guys talk so fast? – John Green, Cary
A: Dear John, it's called an "auctioneer's chant." The purpose of the chant is to keep the audience's attention and focus on the item being sold, and on the price ... (read more)
Campbell Law School Dean Melissa EssaryCampbell Law School Dean Melissa Essary
Q: Do you have any advice for a law school candidate that has been out of college for five years or more? What would you consider the most important quality in a law school candidate? – Jenifer Wolfe, Carrboro
A: Jenifer, your application for admission should ... (read more)

Durham police Detective J. J. Locklear

Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force – Detective J.J.  Locklear
Q: How can I educate my child about the dangers of the Internet, as far as those preying on children, without making her really fearful? – Julia Mallory, Durham
A: Julia, there is literature available free to ... (read more)
Electrician Richard MooreElectrician Richard Moore
Q: Why does my breaker box make popping sounds? – W.G., Roanoke Rapids
A: What you are hearing is the arcing that occurs between the contact points ... (read more)
N.C. Wildlife Commission Chairman Steve WindhamN.C. Wildlife Commission Chairman Steve Windham
Q: Why does North Carolina continue to ban Sunday hunting? – Mark, Cary
A: Your question touches on several areas of wildlife management, regulations and rule-making ... (read more)
Charlotte Mayor Pat McCroryCharlotte Mayor Pat McCrory
Q: Are you going to consider running for governor again or maybe even running for Senate? – Cecil Woodall, Smithfield
A: Yes. Running a state-wide race was a great experience (except for election night!!!) and I am proud of the campaign we ran ... (read more)
Handwriting specialist Regina Undorfer

Handwriting expert Regina Undorfer
Q: How did you learn how to do handwriting analysis, and how accurate is the process? – Judith Glover, Rocky Mount
A: Judith, I studied graphology from two great masters. The work of Felix Klein (deceased) in Gestalt Theory of Graphology and Dr. Erika Karohs ... (read more)

DOT Secretary Gene Conti N.C. Transportation Secretary Gene Conti
Q: How can you possibly justify the botched I-40, 540 and 795 projects, having taxpayers foot the bill for two of them to be repaired and DOT chiefs then asking for more money? This is an absolute waste of taxpayers' money. – Dan, Fuquay-Varina
A: NCDOT has an annual budget ... (read more)
National Black Farmers President John Boyd Jr. National Black Farmers President John Boyd Jr.
Q: How can anyone "prove" a loan denial was due to race and not other factors that would make it a bad loan? – E. Kerley, Durham
A: Many black farmers in the south, even perhaps thousands, were denied loan applications ... (read more) 
N.C. Zoo representative Tom Gillespie N.C. Zoo representative Tom Gillespie
Q: Are you planning on introducing any new species to your exhibits in the near future? – Tray Epperly, Fuquay-Varina
A: We’re going to introduce a new antelope species, the bongo, in August of this year & lemurs ... (read more) 
Secretary Linda Wheeler Hayes, N.C. Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention N.C. Department of Juvenile Justice Secretary Linda Hayes
Q: What was the legal rational for setting the maximum age for a juvenile offender at 16 when almost everything else in society states an adult to be 18? Shouldn't the max age be 17? – Todd, Raleigh
A: There was no clear legal reason ... (read more) 
Raleigh police Capt. Andy NicholRaleigh police Capt. Andy Nichol – gang & robbery units
Q: What is our active gang rate compared to that of larger cities around the nation? – Elizabeth Carter, Linden
A: Elizabeth, the Raleigh Police Department regularly responds to questionnaires and survey requests submitted to us by federal and state agencies that collect ... (read more)
Charlie Gaddy Former WRAL Anchor Charlie Gaddy
Q: I would like to know three things – A) What was the biggest story he ever covered, B) What story meant the most to him and C) What story would he have liked to cover the most? – William, Clayton
A: Dear William: This may be more ... (read more) 
Bill Harrison, CEO of NCDPI/State Board of Ed chairman N.C. Public Schools CEO Bill Harrison
Q: What I want to know is why we even need a CEO of schools, at a high salary, when we have a duly elected and qualified Superintendent of Public Instruction? – Ed Taylor, Knightdale
A: In my role as CEO, I actually serve in a dual capacity – as chairman of the State Board of Education ... (read more) 
Hurricane expert Jamie RhomeHurricane expert Jamie Rhome
Q: If a Cat 5 Hurricane hit our coast and made a bee-line for Raleigh, what kind of damage would we expect to see in Raleigh? – James Radford, Garner
A: James, since warm waters are the fuel for hurricane and tropical storms, these storms typically weaken ... (read more)
Actor Barry Williams, aka "Greg Brady" from The Brady BunchActor Barry Williams, aka "Greg Brady"
Q: Was the Brady Bunch family anything like your real family? – Etta Alston, Louisburg
A: Well, not exactly, see I don't think ANY family is like the Brady family. I am the youngest of three boys ... (read more)
Durham Bulls' head groundskeeper Scott StricklandDurham Bulls' Head Groundskeeper Scott Strickland
Q: Great job – how did you get into this job, and what is required to be a head or assistant groundskeeper? – Jeff Coe, Raleigh
A: I started working for the Winston-Salem Warthogs, serving as assistant groundskeeper for my first ever ... (read more)
Wake County 911 Center Director Barry FureyWake County 911 Center Director Barry Furey
Q: What training is necessary for dispatchers and how do they deal with such a stressful job? – Debbie P., Fuquay-Varina
A: That’s a great question, Debbie, and touches on subjects that are often overlooked. Most people don’t realize the level of training required ... (read more)
Wally Hinkamp is president of the North Carolina Jewelers Association.N.C. Jewelers Association President Wally Hinkamp
Q: How often should I get my wedding ring cleaned? Do you damage your rings if you over-clean them? – Kelly, Raleigh
A: Having your rings frequently checked and cleaned by your jeweler is a sound practice ... (read more)
Ask Anything: 10 Questions with Anoop DesaiAmerican Idol's Anoop Desai
Q: Where are some of your favorite places in North Carolina? Restaurants, cities, beaches, etc.? – Heather, Goldsboro
A: We have beaches, the Piedmont and the mountains. So, it’s like, I love everything about the scenery ... (read more)
Hope Hancock, executive director of SPCA of Wake County SPCA of Wake County - Executive Director Hope Hancock
Q: Could you please tell us more on the spay/neuter clinic that is now available? Is it open to anyone who needs to have a pet spayed/neutered? Are there any limitations regarding income? – Patricia Cox, Garner
A: Patricia, I am very proud to say ... (read more) 
Marvin MalechaArchitect Marvin Malecha
Q: Who is building homes that are innovative and contemporary? I am tired of living in "Pleasantville" amidst the McMansions!! – Cynthia Robinson, Cary
A: As a member of the real estate profession, I am sure you are aware that home sales are not unlike any other ... (read more)
State Attorney General Roy CooperN.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper
Q: What was the most challenging thing you had to deal with in office? – Eric Gillespie, Garner
A: One of my greatest challenges is helping law enforcement keep up with the latest technology so that we can stay a step ahead of the criminals... (read more)
N.C. Pest Management Association board member Burns BlackwellPest control expert Burns Blackwell
Q: About how much should a good pest control program for a home here in North Carolina cost? – Bill Gilson, Cary
A: As with most things, you can get quite a range of prices as you search for pest management services ... (read more)
Dr. Page Wages10 more questions with Veterinarian Dr. Page Wages
Q: What kinds of fresh fruits can you give your dog? – Donna, Lillington
A: Dear Donna, dogs can have any fruits and vegetables other than grapes, raisins, onions, and garlic ... (read more)
Dianne Boardley Suber, the 10th president of Saint Augustine's College in RaleighSaint Augustine's College president
Q: During these tough economic times, what have you had to do differently as the head of the school? – Barry Wall, Southern Pines
A: As a youngster growing up, my parents practiced a lifestyle of fiscal conservatism, and even though ... (read more)
Mia HammSoccer star Mia Hamm
Q: After all the years of such intense soccer playing, what does your life look like now? Do you still play? – Shelley Brocksmith, Raleigh
A: I still love to play but certainly not at the same level as I did when I played professionally. Occasionally, I ... (read more)
 Lt. Christopher Woodard -- Highway Patrol helicopter pilotHighway Patrol helicopter pilot Lt. Christopher Woodard
Q: What would a normal day in the life of a helicopter pilot in the North Carolina State Highway Patrol be like? Also what would be the craziest thing that you have seen out on patrol in the skies? – Charles Chrismon, Smithfield
A: The great thing about being a pilot ... (read more) 
Miss North Carolina 2008 Amanda WatsonMiss North Carolina 2008 Amanda Watson
Q: Besides bragging rights, what does being Miss North Carolina give you in life? – Odellia, Hurdle Mills
A: Well, I must admit that my friends and family have had more fun with the “bragging rights” than I have! I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to follow and achieve ... (read more)
Sen. Kay HaganSenator Kay Hagan
Q: What is the hardest thing you have encountered since taking office? – Janie, Creedmoor
A: Unfortunately, issues aren't always black and white, nor are the bills and amendments I am asked to cast my vote on. ... (read more)
Chad Jordan, licensed marriage and family therapistMarriage and family therapist Chad Jordan
Q: What is the best way to pick a marriage counselor? – Greg, Raleigh
A: Selecting the right therapist can be an arduous task, but it is one of the most important factors for producing positive results ... (read more)
Mark Cartret, president of the North Carolina Bail Agents AssociationN.C. Bail Agents Assoc. President Mark Cartret
Q: Do bondsmen actually hunt those who have skipped court or has Dog the Bounty Hunter glamorized it? – Terri Jobe, Rocky Mount
A: Yes, bail agents actually search for those who have skipped court ... (read more)
Tina DennisTina Dennis, Critical Care Nurses Association
Q: How do you maintain balance and take care of yourself while working in such a high pressure, important job. You literally hold people's lives in your hands and we all owe you a debt that cannot be repaid. – Dan Thompson, Chapel Hill
A: First of all, what a kind question to ask ... (read more)
Photographer Ned WinnPhotographer Ned Winn
Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers? – Lauren, Youngsville
A: Yes. Learn all you can from experienced photographers who are successful in the area(s) of photography that interest you. Join organizations that mentor and assist new ... (read more)
Peace College President Laura Carpenter BinghamPeace College President Laura Carpenter Bingham
Q: How does Peace plan on continuing to draw students to a private, all-girls school, with the economy in such turmoil? – Jennifer Stevens, Goldsboro
A: Thank you for your question, Jennifer. It’s always good to hear from our alums from all over North Carolina ... (read more)
DTVWRAL Digital TV Administrator Tyler Hobbs
Q: What stations will be available in the Raleigh area with the converter box and an antenna? – Deb Boone, Apex
A: The answer to this question is dependent on three main factors ... (read more)
Holden ThorpUNC Chancellor Holden Thorp
Q: Mr. Thorp, my daughter is currently in the third grade. Going to college is something we hope she'll decide to do. What can we as parents anticipate tuition to be in the next 10 years? – Bridget Allen, Timberlake
A: Before I answer your question, I’d like to ... (read more)
Steve TroxlerN.C. Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler
Q: What is being done to prevent the continued loss of farmland in N.C.? – Lawrence Dorsey, Albemarle
A: Preserving working farms and farmland is one of my top priorities. The N.C. Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund awards ... (read more)
Dawn Hall, Carolina Donor ServicesDawn Hall, organ donation
Q: Is it true that even though you may have "donor" listed on your drivers license, that your surviving family may get the last say in that decision? – Tina Beck, Youngsville
A: There are now two ways to designate yourself as a donor in North Carolina ... (read more)
Cherie BerryN.C. Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry
Q: Why does inspecting elevators come under the labor commission, and who really goes out to EVERY elevator in the state and checks them? – Denise Hughes, Nashville
A: The General Assembly gave the N.C. Department of Labor the responsibility for inspecting elevators ... (read more)
Bill LeslieWRAL Anchor Bill Leslie
Q: What story have you covered that stands out most in your mind since you began in the news business? – Eric G., Sanford
A: The most rewarding beat I covered, Eric, was the environment beginning in the late 1980s ... (read more)
Digital forensics expert Larry DanielDigital forensics expert Larry Daniel
Q: Given the forensic shows now on TV, do you think that people can get away with crimes today because of things they learn on the shows? – Melissa Lancaster, Rocky Mount
A: If you are talking about the “real” forensics shows that you see on the Discovery channel, then I suppose ... (read more)
Etiquette expert Amanita ThomasEtiquette expert Amanita Thomas
Q: Is it bad etiquette to point out other people's poor etiquette? Is there a difference between telling somebody they're using the wrong fork and telling them to hush in a movie theater? If so, where do you draw the line? – George, Raleigh
A: It is never correct to embarrass someone ... (read more)
Rev. William BarberRev. William Barber, N.C. NAACP president
Q: Dear Rev. Barber, this is something that's always puzzled me. If the term "colored" is considered offensive, why is it still part of the NAACP's name? Thank you for your time. – Bret Chambers, Wake Forest
A: Great question. To be quite honest ... (read more)
David CleggDavid Clegg, Employment Security Commission
Q: Why is there a week waiting period after a person has lost their job before they can start drawing unemployment compensation? – Brunetta Taylor, Zebulon
A: There is a one week period that follows the filing for unemployment insurance that is not paid ... (read more)
Nicholas SparksAuthor Nicholas Sparks
Q: Which, if any, of your novels would you like to live out? – Taylor Coggins, Garner
A: True Believer, primarily because it had a happy ending and included the magic of falling in love ... (read more)

John Paul Womble

John Paul Womble, The Alliance of AIDS Services - Carolina
Q: If someone suspects they may have been intimate with a person who is HIV positive, what would be their first course of action? – Rita Dozier, Apex
A: That’s a great question, Rita, and a great place to begin ... (read more)
Hurricanes' Cam WardHurricanes' Goalie Cam Ward
Q: When the horn sounded at the end of Game Seven when you clinched the Stanley Cup, what was your first thought? – Kim Banks, Raleigh
A: Wow, we did it! There’s a lot of thoughts that run through your mind at the time ... (read more)
RDU Airport Director John BrantleyRDU Airport Director John Brantley
Q: How often does one of the planes you supervise have a life-threatening problem? – Kerri Connelly, Haw River
A: The Airport Authority doesn’t supervise (or control) aircraft ... (read more)
Career advisor Alan LevinsonCareer Advisor Alan Levinson
Q: What is the most effective resume today? I have not updated mine since 1986. I'm in the medical field, if that helps with the answer. – Debbie, Knightdale
A: With more than 20 years of medical experience ... (read more)
Kathy OlevskySelf-defense expert Kathy Olevsky
Q: What is your advice for the best self-defense tactic if someone enters your home threatening harm while you are at home with your children? – Brooke, Wake Forest
A: That is a great question, Brooke. Many women ... (read more)
Will Adkins, Bob Etheridge, Dan MansellDistrict 2 Congressional candidates Will Adkins, Bob Etheridge & Dan Mansell
Q: What type of laws will you push to pass to toughen up on small businesses that employ illegal immigrants? – Damian Gibbs, Raleigh ... (read more)
David Price and BJ LawsonDistrict 4 Congressional candidates BJ Lawson & David Price
Q: What would you do in this economic situation as a congressman to ease the financial burden for people of District 4? – Julian Pearce, Raleigh ... (read more)
Greg FishelWRAL Chief Meteorologist Greg Fishel
Q: In your 25 years of covering weather, what is the weather event that you will never forget? – Micheal Warren, Dunn
A: There are several, but the one that still sticks out even to this day is the March 1984 tornado outbreak ... (read more)
WRAL.com moderatorWRAL.com Moderator
Q: I know that it must be hard to let comments on certain issues that you do not agree with go through. How do you keep your personal feelings out of the matter and not discriminate? – Odellia, Hurdle Mills ... (read more)
Bryan BeattyN.C. Secretary of Crime Control & Public Safety
Q: We will have a new governor soon. What has not been accomplished in Crime Control & Public Safety that you hope the next secretary can make happen? – Joe Johnson, Raleigh
A: First, let me say I’m proud of ... (read more)
David HeckelFuneral Director David Heckel
Q: How do I go about planning my own funeral arrangements? – Sonia Clark, Raleigh
A: Good question, Sonia. The first thing you should do is talk with your family about the subject ... (read more)
Cameron MartzHealth & Fitness Instructor Cameron Martz
Q: Which has the most impact on weight loss – a healthy diet or exercise? I know it is optimum to eat healthy and exercise, but I find that I cannot concentrate on both at one time. – Renee Evans, Cary ... (read more)
amanda lambWRAL Crime Reporter Amanda Lamb
Q: Amanda, what story (or stories) that you've covered in your journalistic career have been the most interesting to cover? – Aaron, Middlesex
A: It's hard to name just one. Early on in my career ... (read more)
Eleanor GoetteeWake School Board Member Eleanor Goettee
Q: So much money is spent on education but very little of that goes toward teacher pay. Do you think our teachers are paid enough? What can be done to increase their pay? – Kelly Walton, Cary ... (read more)
Steve CohenCary EMS Chief Steve Cohen
Q: What kind of a person would enjoy working in EMS? Are there any common traits to these people? – Bob, Cary
A: Bob, a great question to start off with. The easy answer is that a person who enjoys helping others ... (read more)
Dr. Page WagesVeterinarian Dr. Page Wages
Q: In your professional opinion, what is the best flea protection out there for dogs and cats? – Donna Poole, Wake Forest
A: Dear Donna, there are a lot of flea prevention products on the market today for your dogs and cats ... (read more)
Duke Football Coach David CutcliffeDuke Football Coach David Cutcliffe
Q: I have been a Duke football fan since I was a child. I would like to know your strategy in changing the program for success. – George Outlaw, Aberdeen
A: I believe deeply in when changing a program ... (read more)
Wedding planner Tammy NesmithWedding Planner Tammy Nesmith
Q: How did you get started in the wedding planning business, and what kind of advice would you have for someone who wants to break into the industry themselves? – Jaime Ward, Cary
A: Jaime, when I realized that I wanted to make ... (read more)
Carl HarrisDurham Public Schools Superintendent Carl Harris
Q: What do you see in the future for Durham Public Schools? Would you wish to have more qualified teachers, more schools built, better teacher raises? – Cheryl Harrington, Durham
A: Durham Public Schools has a very bright future ... (read more)
Debra MorganWRAL Anchor Debra Morgan
Q: If you had to be stranded on a desert island with one of your Channel 5 peers, who would you like it to be and why? – Mike Franklin, Raleigh
A: Interesting question! Let me go down the list… (read more)
Harry Dolan, Raleigh police chief candidateRaleigh Police Chief Harry Dolan
Q: Why should someone consider becoming a police officer? And what are you doing to get the BEST officers on the street? – James Sites, Cary
A: This month, I begin my 29th year in the law ... (read more)
Cary police K-9 handler Jeremy Burgin and dog, MaxCary police K-9 Handler Jeremy Burgin
Q: What kind of training does it require to become a K-9 dog? – Bob Smith, Cary
A: Outstanding question to start with, Bob, as training is the most important part of any K9 unit ... (read more)
June AtkinsonState Schools Superintendent June Atkinson
Q: When will seat belts be put in school buses? Thanks. – Darren J. Day, Franklinton
A: Lap and shoulder belts such as the ones we use in our cars have been available ... (read more)
Cary Mayor Harold WeinbrechtCary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht
Q: The cornerstones of your election campaign were to slow growth in Cary ... What have you done thus far toward meeting those campaign objectives and promises? – Jerry Bennett, Cary
A: Jerry, your question is a good one ... (read more)
Gov. Mike EasleyGov. Mike Easley
Q: I have been a supporter of yours for many years, but I can't understand your stand on illegal aliens being able to attend community colleges across the state. Can you explain your rationale? – Robert Senter, Holly Springs ... (read more)
Durham Mayor Bill BellDurham Mayor Bill Bell
Q: It seems like every day there is a story on the news about another murder in Durham. What are you doing to curb this trend? – Alan Rummel, Sanford
A: There were eight homicides ... (read more)
Del BurnsWake Superintendent Del Burns
Q: Why does (the Wake school system) continue its controversial economic diversity policy without any data to show/prove it increases individual student achievement? – Dennis Jacobs, Cary ... (read more)
Realtor Parker CreechRealtor Parker Creech
Q: Many people are facing foreclosure of their homes due to the sub-prime mortgage crisis. What are some of the available bail out options for people in these situations? – Robert, Youngsville ... (read more)

Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker

Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker
Q: What are you doing to stay ahead of the curve to remove and/or prevent the influx of illegal/undocumented workers that have flooded our state? – Debbie Lepper, Raleigh
A: Undocumented workers are a national issue ... (read more)