Public highway-rail crossings

Public highway-rail crossings ranked by predicted accidents per year as of 12/31/2013

All crossings are in Mebane, NC.

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Source: Federal Railroad Administration, Office of Safety Analysis, Highway-Rail Crossing Safety & Trespass Prevention. Data is incomplete and is the most recent available.


RANK: Crossings are listed in order and ranked with the highest collision prediction value first.

PRED COLLS: The accident prediction value is the probability that a collision between a train and a highway vehicle will occur at the crossing in a year.

CROSSING: The unique sight specific identifying DOT/AAR Crossing Inventory Number.

RR: The alphabetic abbreviation for the railroad name.

DATE CHG: The date of the latest change of the warning device category at the crossing which impacts the collision prediction calculation, e.g., a change from crossbucks to flashing lights, or flashing lights to gates. The accident prediction calculation utilizes three different formulas, on each for (1) passive devices, (2) flashing lights only, and (3) flashing lights with gates. When a date is shown, the collision history prior to the indicated year-month is not included in calculating the accident prediction value.

W D: The type of warning device shown on the current Inventory record for the crossing where:
FQ=Four Quad Gates; GT = All Other Gates; FL = Flashing lights; HS = Wigwags, Highway
Signals, Bells, or Other Activated; SP = Special Protection (e.g., a flagman); SS = Stop Signs;
XB = Crossbucks; OS = Other Signs or Signals; NO = No Signs or Signals.

TOT TRNS: Number of total trains per day.

TOT TRKS: Total number of railroad tracks between the warning devices at the crossing.

TTBL SPD: The maximum timetable (allowable) speed for trains through the crossing.

HWY PVD: Is the highway paved on both sides of the crossing?

HWY LNS: The number of highway traffic lanes crossing the tracks at the crossing.

AADT: The Average Annual Daily Traffic count for highway vehicles using the crossing.