Durham church gives away free gas

Posted July 16, 2011

— A Durham church gave away about $6,000 worth of free gas to several hundred drivers Saturday morning.

Members of Greater Joy International Ministries, 2000 Chapel Hill Road, manned the pumps as drivers lined up outside Lakewood BP, 218 W. Lakewood Ave., and Tri-Star Mobile, 2900 Chapel Hill Blvd.

Some cars ran out of gas while waiting in line, and members pushed them to the gas stations.

Between 300 and 400 drivers got $25 worth of gas, Pastor Tiff McCarter estimated.

"Many individuals arriving at the stations were in awe and expressed disbelief and gratitude that a church would be so giving to community residents," church staff member Belinda Greene said in a statement.

Drivers were then invited to get breakfast at the church's expense at the Biscuitville across the street. The church spent about $500 on free breakfasts, McCarter said.

"Church is beyond the walls of a building. We are to be a presence in the community, blessing, encouraging and compelling people to the kingdom," Greene said.


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  • wmb95013 Jul 25, 2011

    i just wonder how many people just drove around and "used" the free gas. if we just keep on giving and not telling the truth we are missing the opportunity to spread the true word.

  • me2you Jul 21, 2011

    about time for some good news. I believe if we had less government handouts, we as a community and church would step up to the plate. And forget all of you negative nannies.

  • Tom Morrow Jul 19, 2011

    "Nice bit of marketing."

    Try indoctrination.

  • xcelfellowship Jul 18, 2011

    Incredible work GJIM...... Keep doing what you do. I know that you all are just gettin' started. One day XCEL will do likewise.

    Pastor Frank Henderson

  • tjhiggs68 Jul 18, 2011

    It is always a joy and blessing to know that some people still believe in the community! Blessings do come in all forms and for those who find this to be a negative, what have you done lately? Angels are always around!

  • shoutntime Jul 18, 2011

    It never stops amazing me how aethist can sit here an bash people who believe. If it were not for churches like these who reach into their communities to provide food and aid to families in need the welfare system would collapse and be in much more peril then it is today. Giving away free or discounted gas can ge the difference to someone wondering how they are going to make it back and forth to work.

  • shoutntime Jul 18, 2011

    I think this is showing the community that this church cares and there is nothing wrong with this type of giving.

    I just didn't feel right pulling up in my Porsche for the free gas, should have driven my other car.

  • kimberlyevans Jul 18, 2011

    I am a member of this church, and yes I did give. In fact, I give to my church all the time. I am well educated and I have wealth of common sense. I wasn't conned. I give and will continue to give so that others might be blessed through my giving. It's okay if you don't believe in it, as we were still able to help so many people, it would appear that we didn't require you as a cosigner :)

  • kcfoxie Jul 18, 2011

    Very cool.

  • kimhenry2 Jul 18, 2011

    Some people can be so negative.. They can turn something positive into something negative.. Even if the members did give from their pockets.. its called giving back to the Community!! What do any of you do for somone else??