Decorated trooper has history of helping

Posted November 18, 2010

— Trooper Jack L. Thorpe was awarded the North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety's highest award for service Thursday.

Thorpe earned the Distinguished Service Award and Highway Patrol Meritorious Award for going beyond the call of duty and using what a supervisor called "outstanding judgement" when he suspected a trio of children was being abused.

Thorpe stopped a car en route to Myrtle Beach and noticed signs of abuse among the three children inside, the highway patrol said.

After trying unsuccessfully to locate help for the children from social services, Thorpe got permission to take the children to his home, where he cared for them until their mother could arrive.

“His level of service exemplifies what it means to be a state employee - to serve others,” said Col. Michael Gilchrist, commander of the Highway Patrol.

Thorpe has other accolades on his record. He received the department’s second highest award in May 2008 after performing CPR on a woman who suffered a heart attack after a crash on Highway 70 in Clayton. Doctors credited him with saving the woman's life.

A month later, he helped deliver a baby for Beverly and David Simmons.


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  • Mugu Nov 24, 2010

    I suspect that he created these situations... like Dexter.

  • f1reems29 Nov 22, 2010

    I just want to try and understand this. This trooper has evedentally been in the right place at the right time at least 3 times (that we know of). There is no telling what he or other LE officers do that never makes the news. Why is it if he would have beat someone, texted sexual comments or other bad stuff it would still be all over the news. LE and all emergency service workers never get enough credit for what they do. The news never tells the whole story so STOP judging for the few sentences or minutes that they report. Lets thank the men and women that put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe.

  • thnbluln Nov 19, 2010

    I gotta tell you, I am peeved beyond belief and still fuming beyond belief!!!! Trooper Thorpe went well above the call of duty numerous times!!! Our job description does not say anything near what he did that day!! He took those children in. He provided them shelter, food, and showed them what real compassion is. Chances are, these children could be or have been scarred and traumatized from this event, but there is an even higher probabliity that his actions may have changed them for the rest of their lives. How often is it that we come across people that do things simply out of the good of their heart. He didnt do this for recognization or some ol' award that will one day collect dust. He didd it bc it was in his heart and he cared. He acted with the type of empathy, the type of love that few have. This wasnt about his job, it was about who he is as a human being...I can't think of a more selfless act. Those children could have been turned over to social services-feeling hu

  • thnbluln Nov 19, 2010

    MUGU.....b4 u comment learn the facts of the case! Kust bc u have a mouth or in this case internet access does not mean you should use it!

  • leo-nc Nov 19, 2010

    "Spanking a child is not abuse, he should have minded his own business."---

    If it was just spanking a child, it would never have come to this..Seriously, think about it and get a grip.

  • dweezel Nov 19, 2010

    Jack Thorpe, like many of his dedicated fellow troopers rightly deserves this award. How many of you citizens would be willing to put yourself in danger each day like our LEO's do? It is a calling for which they don't get much praise - usually just complaints from people who are mad over getting caught doing something illegal.

  • Mugu Nov 19, 2010

    Spanking a child is not abuse, he should have minded his own business.

  • tritonlm6 Nov 19, 2010

    Talk about going above and beyond! Nice to see a deserving LEO get an award like this. Good for him.

  • think1st Nov 19, 2010

    This stuff goes on everyday within the patrol. Nice to see someone getting recognized!! Great Job Thorpe!

  • 1 awesome Dad Nov 19, 2010

    He has my vote for governor in the next election.