Cary concert will benefit organ transplant patient

Posted November 6, 2010

— A bluegrass concert at Cary’s Bond Park on Sunday will help benefit a local organ transplant patient.

The concert will help local bluegrass fiddler Jan Johannsen, who is on a heart transplant waiting list at UNC Hospitals.

Johannsen, 52, has heart failure and since February, he's been using a special portable pump device to keep blood flowing through his heart. He said it's given him new energy to play the music he loves and new hope for life itself.

“It’s really improved my life quality,” he said. “It’s just night and day.”

The heart pump is just a bridge that will allow him to wait for a suitable heart donor.

The benefit at Bond Park, 801 High House Road, will be held from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. A donation of $15 per person is suggested. Children under 12 get in for free.

The concert was organized by Johannsen’s friends.

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  • htomc42 Nov 9, 2010

    If you want to help people needing transplants, work to repeal laws which prevent people from selling or profiting from their own body parts! Odious bits of legislation like that created by John Kerry, have done much to create the artificial shortage that causes so much death and expense.

    There is a -tremendous- amount of money that is made at each and every step along the process of getting organs/blood/etc. from the donor to the recipient; that is, everyone except for the donor! If you want there to be sufficient supply for the people who desperately need it, simply pay the donors a fair price.

    Instead of begging and pleading people to check that organ donation box on their drivers license, or donate blood, why not use the most powerful and logical means to motivate them to do so? I'm sure that a lot of people would want their loved ones to benefit in any way they can, if they pass away.