Wayne County commissioners declare 'No Cussing Day'

Posted November 2, 2010

— Wayne County commissioners voted Tuesday to declare Nov. 5 as “No Cussing Day,” in response to a request from two area high school students.

Brooke Jackson and Kathleen Doughty, seniors at Charles B. Aycock High School, are enrolled in a strategic marketing class and were assigned to create a public relations project to create awareness of a cause, according to a Wayne County press release.

The two students chose to create awareness of how acceptable it has become for people to cuss.

"They believe that cussing has become more and more accepted in today’s society, whether it is through music, movies, television and even in everyday use," according to the press release.

"Jackson and Doughty said that the words we use affect how we feel about ourselves, how others react to us and how others feel about themselves," the press release continued. "They also said that our words truly shape our world and cussing may give a bad impression, set bad examples and reduce the respect others may have for you."

In the proclamation, the commissioners encouraged the youth and all the citizens of Wayne County to remember the following:

Your words become your thoughts.
Your thoughts become your behavior.
Your behavior becomes your character.
Your character becomes your destiny.


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  • sarahsoandso Nov 5, 2010

    I don't curse because I'm angry and/or ignorant. I do it to add some color and spice to my communications. :) When done well swearing can be quite satisfying.

  • Malcontent Nov 5, 2010

    Vetinari83, they would if given the chance.

  • vetinari83 Nov 4, 2010

    The city is trying to change our holidays. The county is trying to change our language? What's next? A district wide "drive only in the right lane" day?

  • Gen1 Nov 4, 2010

    thank the good Lord for a few young people with some guts to say that cuss makes you sound tacky. I applaud them for it.

  • mrman2a Nov 4, 2010

    Cussing is just another form of intimidation due to a lack of self- esteem by the person doing the cussing.

  • bunnie Nov 3, 2010

    wonder if I can have a "no cussing day" at my job.....these women cuss like sailors. lol

  • Malcontent Nov 3, 2010

    I'll cuss if I D.....@...mmmm...n. well please!

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Nov 3, 2010

    George Carlin was a genius and modern day philosopher. He said it's not the word that's bad, but the thoughts associated with the word.

    So, all those feel-good, non "cuss" words that we use around children...are no different than the actual cuss words, since they convey the same thought.

  • Arkansas Razorback Nov 2, 2010

    But it makes me feel bigger and taller.