Duke tops $200M in stimulus grants

Posted October 12, 2010

— Duke University researchers have won more than $200 million in federal grants through the economic stimulus program, officials announced Tuesday.

The 360 research and construction grants through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act total $202 million. More than 80 percent of the funding has come from the National Institutes of Health, with the School of Medicine and School of Nursing accounting for $166.3 million of the total received.

"The stimulus funds are doing two things," James Siedow, Duke's vice provost for research, said in a statement. "Near-term, it's about creating jobs and economic activity. Longer term, academic (research and development) is an investment in American competitiveness. University research is the source of new ideas and new workers that will help our nation compete in a global marketplace."

Duke's effort has returned federal tax dollars to the state of North Carolina and has created or preserved more than 300 jobs at the university, officials said.


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  • hermiem Oct 14, 2010

    In my opinion this is a complete waste of tax payer's money. Of all places to give stimulus money to Duke University, or any Duke affliate, IS NOT the place. They have enough money already from various sources. We needed to get the "biggest bang for the buck" - and the tax payers surely didn't. We don't need an "investment" in the future.

  • davidgnews Oct 14, 2010

    Duke can't stack money in a parking lot and burn it fast enough.

    There are so many 'package deal' jobs there that it's just not funny. In order to get a preferred professor, they have to give the spouse a 'handout job' to seal the deal. Sometimes it's beneficial, but usually it's totally worthless. There's a lot of weight to finance, er carry, and that's even before anything gets done!

    That's why they spin it, whatelseisnew.

    If you think that's bad, you should see them burn through NSF grants just to study fly waste.

    At the end of the day the money supports publishing, prestige, and big egos - use it or lose it, baby!

  • grimreaper Oct 13, 2010

    Created OR preserved. What a crock. Show me one single, "meaningful" full time position created. Just one. There are none and everyone knows it. $200 million for no gain, zippo, zero. This is no different than anywhere else. Hundreds of millions for zero jobs.

    It is no different than all the billions being spent on roads either. Simply no jobs are or ever could be "created" from that spending. This is not 1935 where you go to build a road and you have 200 laborers. This is 2010 where you redo 25 miles of highway with 13-25 guys you already employ. There is no creation there and probably no preservation either. These types of crews have the best people they could find already employed and just like the rest of corporate America...they are finding out they can get by just fine with ONLY their best people. That is why nobody is hiring, there simply is no need to.

    Anyone who thought spending this money would create jobs is just not being realistic in the modern world.

  • whatelseisnew Oct 13, 2010

    "Duke's effort has returned federal tax dollars to the state of North Carolina and has created or preserved more than 300 jobs at the university, officials said."

    Why use these smoke screen terms. Were new jobs created, or were existing jobs maintained, or some combination of the two. Why spin this stuff?

  • mamacass Oct 13, 2010

    Why didn't the money go to a lesser known, poorer school. It would have really helped a community college or a black university. Some Duke bigwig had connections with someone in Congress. The little guy loses again.

  • flyguync Oct 12, 2010

    The stimulus created or preserved more than 300 jobs - if you do the math, that's only about $670,000 per job. I just wonder how long the money will last.....

  • Frizz Oct 12, 2010

    I wonder if Reggie Love had anything to do with this.....