Cary church adopts African community

Posted October 8, 2010
Updated October 9, 2010

— A church in Cary has made a commitment to help the impoverished people of Bayaka in the Central African Republic.

The Hope Community Church musical director Karl Moraski said the church wanted to make a difference so they adopted Bayaka, where people live without safe, clean drinking water and are subjected to disease and famine.

Moraski said the group decided they help until there is water in every village and agri-forestry on the way.

“We’re almost there,” he said.

The church has been raising money and funneling it to the Bayakans through the international group, ICDI, which builds fresh water wells across the tiny African nation.

“We’re not just throwing money to make ourselves feel better. I’ve seen with my own eyes what it is doing and it’s amazing,” church member Rex Bost said.

water Cary church helps African community

On Oct. 17, Bost will reunite with his once-popular local band, Sidewinders, for a benefit concert, to send more money to Africa.

The concert, Changing Central Africa, will also feature Moraski and the Band of Brothers.


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  • TheOriginalWillow Oct 12, 2010

    psy , welcome to the world of the demented. people who pretty much post on wral are christian bashers

  • psylocke1225 Oct 12, 2010

    We are all God's children and have been put in charge of helping one another by our heavenly Father. It shouldn't matter the race or geographic zip code of who we help. I am a member of Hope and can tell you first hand that the church gives back to the community in huge ways. How can anyone put down the fact that the church is helping our world, community, country? If you are so upset about this article and feel that the local needs are being ignored, I urge you to come to any of Hope's services so you can find out for yourself first-hand what this church is doing and how it is impacting lives EVERYWHERE! Please do not make assumptions based on one article that details only one way that the church gives back. Mike Lee has stated before, it's not up to our governments to help others, it's up to the churches. You will find that way of thinking runs deep in the congregation and church.

  • bmg379 Oct 11, 2010

    guess you will see by the number of people who show up for the event,3 sets of africans a catholic church was helping were run out of a rental property across the street from my home,let em live beside you

  • outback1967 Oct 11, 2010

    "A church in Cary has made a commitment to help the impoverished people of Bayaka in the Central African Republic".

    What about people who live right across the street from you?

  • Sherlock Oct 11, 2010

    How many homeless has this churched help over the past year?

  • 27615 Oct 11, 2010

    Churches helping foreign countries in need is awesome! but Government sending money to every country but ours is not!

  • TheOriginalWillow Oct 11, 2010

    once again, someone who cant read

    grim my church does plenty in this area locally, why not attend and learn something

  • grimreaper Oct 11, 2010

    If the church wanted to make a difference then they should do so in this country. Cleveland comes to mind...

    Take care of you own first.

  • TheOriginalWillow Oct 11, 2010

    hey BMG, how about NOT ASSUMING and do research, OUR CHURCH hope comminuty gave more money to a public school then the country did and also gave a large amount to a poor church downtown raleigh

  • bmg379 Oct 11, 2010

    how about changing lives here in NC