New director named for 12 N.C. prisons

Posted October 6, 2010

— The North Carolina Secretary of Correction named Randy Lee Wednesday as regional director for 12 prisons in the central part of the state.

Lee began his career as a correctional officer at Caledonia Correctional Institution in Halifax County. He rose through the ranks there and was in charge of the prison for 18 years.

In his new role, he has responsibility for prisons in Edgecombe, Franklin, Halifax, Johnston, Nash, Northampton, Wake, Warren and Wayne counties.


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  • Mommyoftwo Oct 8, 2010

    just concerned - If he is drawing retirement from the state then the payments will stop. You can't be an actual employee of the state AND receive retirement.

    A lot of state employees work around that by becoming contracted employees so they can also receive retirement. If they're contract they aren't actual employees.

  • applesmith Oct 8, 2010

    Politics baby,its who you know not what you know. Same way at any agency where a politician runs things .Just look at your local Sheriffs office.

  • Just Concerned Oct 7, 2010

    The story talks about Mr. Lee being retired. I wonder if he is drawing both, his retired salary and that of an active director? Seems the corrections department is bringing a lot of people back out of retirement. Look at Mr. French in the secretary's office. Don't we have enough people who are active already, and deserving, to promote them?.

  • Just Concerned Oct 7, 2010

    Congratulations to Mr. Lee

  • sniperdiver Oct 7, 2010

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. Many inmates came from good homes, but for a variety of reason chose to do bad and illegal things. Most inmates are recidivist and choose not to be rehabilitated. Its almost as if they like prison, probably because prison is too easy and don't really hold an inmate accountable for the basics. furthermore, there are truley educated inmate in prison; former doctors, lawyers, authers, athletes and such. As good of a life as they had, they still chose to do criminal acts and jeoprodize their life style and ligitimate way of life. Its not always mom and dads fault. Public schools are the big education and social skills set influance on ones learning,but since punishment for misbehavior in schools is so watered down, maybe this is where inmates learn its ok to misbehave. I am not blaming the teachers, I blame society. People are typically products of their enviroment.

  • ghimmy51 Oct 6, 2010

    It would be a lot cheaper to educate people how to be parents and educate inmates how to be people.