Local charity hits $1M milestone

Posted September 15, 2010

— The Caring Community Foundation is celebrating its 10-year anniversary and another milestone raising more than $1 million to help cancer patients.

The foundation reached the milestone over the weekend with its Pay-It-Forward fundraising event at the Renaissance Hotel in Raleigh.

The all-volunteer organization helps cancer patients in financial need in the Triangle.

Jill and Eric Wolford of Cary started the foundation 10 years ago with a backyard barbecue. Jill Wolford was a young mother of two when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Family, friends and even strangers pitched in to help her.

After seeing the financial struggles cancer patients go through just to pay for basic needs, the Wolfords decided to help a cancer patient with his or her bills. That first backyard barbecue raised $724 for the patient in need.

Since then, the Caring Community Foundation has helped more than 1,000 patients pay their mortgages, electric bills, transportation costs and medicines not covered by insurance.


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  • ddomansk Sep 16, 2010

    Please don't take this the wrong way - my heart bleeds for those who have cancer. A very good friend of mine lost his wife to cancer several years ago, and it was a struggle. But where is my help - my wife has been sick for 7 years and I am barely able to stay in my house. She spent the past 17 days in bed, and we pay $920 out of pocket every month for medication. She is not terminal, but sometimes i think she would rather have it be all over. She throws up 5 - 7 times a day, she can't eat, she hurts so much pain medication no longer works - where is her help, or her charity. We are stuck in the middle, and there is no help for us. I never complain, until i see something like this. It is very frustrating, man would I love for someone ot pay for my meds next month - i could give my son a birthday party.

  • pulstar40 Sep 16, 2010

    Congratulations! Sometimes we tend to forget just what a financial strain having an illness such as cancer can place on a family...members who are not even the ones sick often lose their jobs because of the need to care for the spouse, parent or children who are ill. I recall a story of a man who had gotten annoyed at another who was scraping enough change together to buy a hamburger, until he found out that the person had lost his job because he had spent "too much time" at the hospital with his terminally ill child. May you quickly reach the $2 million mark.