Good Samaritan's acts give cats a second chance

Posted September 1, 2010

WRAL's newshound Tracker shared this Good Samaritan story on Facebook:

On Tuesday, an urgent e-mail came into the WRAL Newsroom from a man named David in Wake Forest. This was his plea:


Saturday evening a neighbor was found dead in her home. She left behind two very beautiful cats with no will or petcare instructions. We were able to gain access to the home after the police left so that we could search for the two cats. Fortunately, they were both OK…frightened for sure…but OK. We have been feeding and loving on them for the past two days, but have been given a deadline to find a home or homes for them, otherwise they will be destroyed.


My mom forwarded the e-mail and pictures to Ms. Mondy at the SPCA of Wake County to see if they could help.

Ms. Mondy contacted Mr. David right away for some additional information.

She then contacted the rescue group Marley's Cat Tales and they agreed to take the kitties and find them homes! I am so happy there are good people who love animals so much they will go to great lengths to help them. Mr. David's actions, along with Ms. Mondy and the good people at Marley's Cat Tales, literally saved the lives of two very special cats who had just lost the one person in the world who loved them the most.

I hope they go to homes where they can find that kind of love again!


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  • caniac8402 Sep 3, 2010

    Marley's Cat Tales is a great organization! They will make sure they get good homes and hopefully together. I got my youngest cat from there a little over a year ago.

  • debbisinclair Sep 2, 2010

    Those cats are absolutely beautiful - you can tell by their sweet faces that they have had a lot of love. I hope they will not have to be separated from each other and can go to the same new home.

  • PookieYam Sep 1, 2010

    I hope they find a home together. They already had enough trama in their lives.

  • carol8 Sep 1, 2010

    Another reason to be sure to include plans for you babies in your Will. Marley's Cat Tales took these babies, not Marley Fund but all of the rescues have big hearts in helping sweet animals like this every day.

  • Preebok Sep 1, 2010

    Extremely beautiful. Thank God for people who are willing to help animals. I just got a beauty from the SPCA in May.

  • jan63 Sep 1, 2010

    awwwhhh they are both beautiful! I'm sure it won't be long that they have new homes. I already have two of my own.

  • bstanford Sep 1, 2010

    Who in the world gave the deadline to destroy these beautiful cats? If it was the deceased women's relatives, they must have hearts of stone! I am sure the poor lady loved her "babies" and would never want them destroyed. I give credit to David and want to say God will reward him for taking care of the cats and making sure they have a good home. Shame on the relatives for not wanting to take care of her pets and instead destroy them. They need to give the Marley Fund a hefty donation for saving the lives of the deceased woman's cats. Thanks to Ms. Mondy and Joy Eubanks who DO have hearts!