Marine saves struggling swimmer at North Topsail Beach

Posted August 10, 2010

A Marine from Michigan is credited with saving a swimmer who had drifted into rough surf off North Topsail Beach on Saturday, police there said.

Sgt. Stephen A. Gladding, 25, a member of the Battalion Landing Team 3/8, 26th MEU, stationed at Camp Lejeune, went to the beach to surf Saturday afternoon. 

When he saw someone struggling to stay above the water, Gladding paddled out on his surf board to the rescue. He pulled the teen, whose named has not been released, onto his surfboard and brought him to safety.


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  • bnkrman1 Aug 12, 2010

    Semper Fi!!!

  • BubbaDuke Aug 12, 2010

    Can you imagine the gratitude of the parents of this teen? The outcome could have been so different had the Marine not been where he could help this son. The shock and fear of almost losing a child is nothing compared with the reality of actually losing one. Instead of a hole in their lives that could never be filled, they've been given a reality check on how fragile life really is and how important loved ones are. They know they owe this Marine a debt they can never repay. SGT Gladding is a hero.

  • garnertoy Aug 12, 2010

    Thanks to a hero

  • dmatea012 Aug 11, 2010

    No matter where they can always count on Marines.
    God bless you for your service to others and to our country.

  • hpr641 Aug 11, 2010

    He was on a surfboard, so I can't agree that it was but so brave. However, it did display very good obervation (drowning people don't yell for help) and quick, appropriate action. So, most definitely: Well done ... Very well done!

  • old man sam Aug 11, 2010


  • wahaka63 Aug 10, 2010

    God Bless You for your service to our country and for an act of bravery so save that young man. Your family, friends and countrymen should be so very proud of you.

  • deerewelder2 Aug 10, 2010

    Thank God for you!

  • Canes Girl Forever Aug 10, 2010

    Awesome! Right place, right time.