National groups honor Clayton Bypass

Posted September 8, 2009

— The Clayton Bypass on U.S. Highway 70 is earning kudos on the national stage.

Three national transportation organizations named the $123 million highway one of the nation's Top 10 road projects for on-time completion last year.

The four-lane, 11-mile stretch of U.S. 70, from the Wake-Johnston county line to near Smithfield, opened in June 2008, more than a year ahead of schedule.

A panel of judges evaluated 50 highway projects from 33 states to get the finalists. Independent judges will now decide if the bypass earns the grand prize, which will be announced in October.


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  • drh3102 Sep 11, 2009

    I would like to know where the money came from to pay the "50 judges" and their expenses that were worked on the evaluation. sounds like money that could have been put to much better use. Maybe like paying for our Gov and her friends to travel to China and Japan next month. I wish I could get my boss to fly me around the world so I could check out what other countries have to offer. Some one needs to rally against this trip and put a stop to it.

  • buzzcub Sep 11, 2009

    Nature was in their favor on this project in two ways. First, during the time this highway was built, NC was going through a long drought period. So, lack of weather allowed them to work ahead of planned delay time that was built-in the schedule. Second, they didn't have anything in their way except woods and farmland.

    So, the question is that a fair contest compared to other road projects?

  • ICTrue Sep 10, 2009

    Well, I disagree with everyone so far. I like the bypass, been through there 100 times or so,,,never seen a backup caused by the merge onto 40. 40 has plenty of other problems though...

    As far as the award for finishing on time. Get a life people

  • Sidekick Sep 10, 2009

    Is this some kind of a joke? Honoring a road project that was completed on time? Now, maybe DOT can complete the project by making it accessible to I-40 without a severe bottleneck. Why is DOT always building roads that present such suprises. Is DOT so in the dark that they cannot adequately plan it out?

  • Nope Sep 9, 2009

    This bypass created a mess where it merges into 40 west. I hope that they widen 40 to three lanes soon.

  • ewebb3 Sep 9, 2009

    Totally agree with previous posters!!

  • swampdaddy Sep 9, 2009

    Obviously, the DOT should have added a lane on I-40 from the by-pass to the US70 Bus. (old Clayton) exit to allow room for the bypass traffic to merge and blend in with the I-40 traffic. On Memorial Day I-40 Westbound traffic was stop/go all the way back to I-95. It took almost an hour to get to the Beltline from 95. Of course, this was not considered in the "competition" for the best road project. How many DOT manhours were wasted so that some official might get another plaque for the office wall.

  • Tarheels13 Sep 8, 2009

    That bypass was a horrible idea, it causes back ups on I-40, which in that spot years ago there were hardly ever back ups unless there was a wreck. And the funny thing is even when you take hwy 70 through Clayton now, the traffic is still ridiculous. It was a complete waste of tax payer money, so what else is new