Apex ranked third best place to move in U.S.

Posted July 12, 2009
Updated July 13, 2009 ranked Apex as the third best place to move in America in a recently released list.

Factors in the ranking included the percentage of residents who were born out-of-state or abroad, have moved from a considerable distance in the past five years and moved for a better job opportunity. The list ranked communities with populations over 25,000 and used U.S Census Bureau data from 2005 to 2007.

Of Apex's population of 33,601, 65 percent of residents weren't born in Wake County and 36 percent moved in the past five years.

"We are all so pleased that our town has attracted this kind of positive national recognition," Mayor Keith H. Weatherly said in a statement.

"For many years, the town has worked with ... to make newcomers feel welcome," he continued. "We are so encouraged when newcomers tell us that they find Apex to be one of the best places to get a job, find a nice home in an attractive neighborhood, raise a family and enjoy a safe and happy lifestyle."

Other factors included Apex's population growth, its median family income of $91,328, median home value of $225,100, and the 55 percent of its adults who have at least a bachelor degree. The high rate of professional and proximity to multinational companies also helped out the town's ranking.

"We have tried to maintain a delicate balance of managing our growth, ... keeping taxes low, creating attractive and affordable neighborhoods, supporting local schools, ... offering diverse recreation programs and keeping crime out," Weatherly said.

Calls to the town offices and the local chamber of commerce are up since the ranking was announced, town officials said.

"We continue to have so many people from everywhere wanting to know more about Apex," Town Manager Bruce Radford said. "We are always so glad to share as we can about opportunities in Apex. This is a very welcoming community."

"Our slogan is, 'Apex – the peak of good living.' I am so glad that everyone knows it's more than a slogan," Weatherly said.


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  • walkshome1234 Jul 14, 2009


    yes I have been a rider, an still am, but I do not ride in Downtown Apex, nor do I ride on busy roads like Olive Chapel in packs of 20. I wear easy to see Helmet and clothes. after 12 years, there are so many riders who ignore things like riding in areas with no shoulder. Need to push for more Bike only trails. For 3 people I know of personally, they were hit by cars, in each case, it was the riders fault.

  • walkshome1234 Jul 13, 2009


    sorry, but ran out of room, the side walks could be used by the cycle people in busy areas. The other issue that is becoming a problem, is the kids riding the bikes around the shopping centers. The traffic at Beav Creek is heavy at times, yet I see some of the cops kids who live in Pearson farms running around there in between traffic. Hopefully, that will not end in someone getting hurt. Growth has never been a good thing, unless you are getting money back from the developers.

  • NCPACKER Jul 13, 2009

    I agree with you "Betterthings." I can not wait to get out of Raleigh and NC! This place sucks! Raleigh-Durham is way overrated!

  • ShareTheRoad Jul 13, 2009

    fyi, it's illegal to ride a bike on the sidewalk. lots of sidewalks in apex, sure. you wont find me riding my bike down one of them tho.

  • pjneder Jul 13, 2009


    We don't think the roads were created for us. If you have ever ridden a bike you will know that cannot be true. Under the laws of NC we have RIGHTS to operate a bicycle on a road and the vehicles have a responsibility to share the road with us. I am sure there are plenty of motorist who would just as soon never see another bicycle on the road. Until they pass laws outlawing bicycles I will pursue my rights to ride on the road, and hope to not die in the process. You are very correct that we have "issues" and most of them revolve around the danger to our safety from motorists.

  • walkshome1234 Jul 13, 2009

    Right now there are place like L'Hermitage at Beaver Creek there in Apex, not much coverage on that. Because its an Eye Sore. The School Situation is protected in a small pocket.
    But basically, if you are a poor cary person, you will be shipped to Apex, if you are Rich in Apex, you will be bused to Cary 10 miles.
    There are lots of Town Homes that have been built. Some Neighborhoods are good, but 540 will come some day. 64 will be made in a major Road. Apex will become Cary. Not sure how much planning went into the Peak Way, but not a good idea to have your bypass running 10 ft from houses. The realestate people treat Apex like its great, but you forget there is nuclear plant right down the Road, schools are in flux. Apex High is great, but feeding into it, the schools are being realigned for poor kids to mix with Rich Kids. The Bikers in the area seem to think the roads around there were created for them, They were made for Cars. The Bikers have issues. Lots of Sidewalks,

  • TeamHatteras Jul 13, 2009

    I was wondering why it's been smelling just that much nicer lately...

  • Better Things Jul 13, 2009

    Apex and the entire area stinks. NC stinks. Thank goodness, I am back North!

  • TeamHatteras Jul 13, 2009

    Ewwww... this article is bogus, Apex is horrible, don't come her.... uh, I mean, don't move to that filthy little town. Stay up north! You're much better off!

  • OpinionOnEverything Jul 13, 2009

    Check out the neighborhoods in this map of Apex. It's very similar to other NC towns like Huntersville, which were on the list. I think the most extreme example of municipal gerry-mandering has got to be Walkertown.