Obama presents N.C. wine to Italian president

Posted July 9, 2009

— A North Carolina wine was part of a gift President Barack Obama presented to Italian President Giorgio Napolitano before he attended the G-8 summit.

Obama gave Napolitano a variety of American wines packaged in a custom-made box crafted from the wood of former Oval Office flooring, and a bottle of 2008 Raffaldini Vineyards Vermentino was among the wines in the package.

Raffaldini is a family-owned vineyard in Wilkes County that produces a variety of wines. It was among the first U.S. vineyards to plant Vermentino vines, which are cultivated in coastal districts of Italy and on the island of Sardinia.

“Raffaldini Vineyards is honored to have been selected to represent the U.S. and is proud that our preservation and promotion of our Italian heritage and culture have been recognized,” Barbara Raffaldini, co-owner and general counsel, said in a statement.


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  • 27615 Jul 10, 2009


  • Lady Jul 10, 2009

    i'd be interested to know if anybody has tried this wine, and if so, if it's any good.

  • discowhale Jul 9, 2009

    On his way home, he'll deliver PA coal, to Newcastle in England, WI cheese to France, and AK snowballs to Greenland.

    If this had been about GWB, the story would have included bad news about alcoholism here and in Italy, due to the economy.

  • George Costanza Jul 9, 2009

    So what? Why do I give a rats behind about where the wine came from. Like the Italian president is going to say "wow from North Carolina huh?" Geee lets invest there". please.

  • Lars Marson Jul 9, 2009

    He should of given him Duplin Scuppernong wine as well-I enjoy that one greatly. Fixing the economy is going to take time, look at the catastrophe he was left with, so it's GREAT to see a company in NC getting alot of press since businesses here in NC need as much publicity/press as they can get..especially if it will help domestic sales. Who knows the Italien President 'may' actually like a wine here from little 'ole NC. Keep Up the good work Pres. Obama!

  • thnkb4uspk Jul 9, 2009

    I bet the Queen loved her iPod~~she's quite a techno-savvy old girl, and I thought that by giving it to her he was reminding her she's still 'with it'. As for the wine....excellent choice!!!! It's time we had some good news in the good ol' north state! Thanks, Mr. President!

  • fuzzmom Jul 9, 2009

    glad to see something positive about an area that rarely gets its props!!

  • THE ETERNAL Jul 9, 2009

    This is a great time to be alive because humanity is evolving to a higher plane and we are beginning to learn to cooperate.I am very hopeful for a better future and a cleaner, less polluted world. The cocoon must die before the butterfly can emerge. The old ways of thinking and acting must change.

  • St Ives Jul 9, 2009

    I have had it and well it is good for a NC wine it dosen't stand up to some of the great Italian wines out there...but it is nice to know we were represented and that the Presindent thought enough of our fledging wine industry to do this.

  • pthfan22 Jul 9, 2009

    OMG!! This is an article about something good happening for NC-why are you people using for a chance 1-to bash Obama and 2-to bash your own freakin state?!!? NC can put out some pretty good wine. No, we are not Napa or dare I say it-FRANCE, but we have come a long way in our production of fine wines. Several wineries in NC have won awards up against Napa, Washington State, Oregon and NY Fingerlake wineries. The Westbend Winery and Biltmore come to mind just off the top of my head.
    As for bashing Obama. Well-wouldn't it be typical to use a Cali wine? This is something different and unexpected. How you all can turn a gift into 'he's horrible' is beyond me.