Durham Public Schools gets $800,000 grant for history instruction

Posted July 8, 2009

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— The U.S. Department of Education has awarded Durham Public Schools a grant for more than $800,000 to strengthen history instruction, the school system announced Wednesday.

DPS, in partnership with Franklin County Schools, will use the Teaching American History Grants Program funding to support the History LINK (Learning and Integrating New Knowledge) Project.

The U.S. Department of Education’s Teaching American History Program is designed to raise student achievement by improving teachers’ knowledge and understanding of and appreciation for traditional U.S. history.

The three-year LINK Project will provide participating high school teachers of U.S. history with an intensive series of courses and seminars. Three cohorts of 30 high school teachers each (up to 90 teachers total over three years) will participate in a series of two-week summer institutes.

During the school year, teachers will attend monthly seminars led by historians. The seminars will include intense study of the U.S. Constitution, major policies and themes surrounding the Great Depression and World War II and Immigration and Industrialization.

They will include travel to Williamsburg, Va., the Franklin D. Roosevelt Museum and Library and the New York Stock Exchange and United Nations.

Teachers will use their experiences to develop instructional tools using technology and other formats to engage students in the study of history.


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  • 68_polara Jul 9, 2009

    This is a big fat was of money and it is to bad the Durham county can't spend it as they choose so they could avoid laying off teachers. Much like the federal stimulus money the state governments are laying off state employees at the same time wasting billions on wasteful spending because of the requirements of how the stimulus money can be spent. It's just dumb.

  • beachm Jul 8, 2009

    People, the funds used for this project cannot be used for salaries. Those funds are appropriated for teacher training. Teachers need that, particularly on historical topics because very few people have a clue about real history in the first place. BTW, the Civil War was not mentioned as a topic for this project.

  • AX Jul 8, 2009

    Teachers and assistants were recently laid off their because of the budget cuts. $800,00 could have been used for their salaries keeping them employed.

  • thewayitis Jul 8, 2009

    Our tax dollars at work. Seems to be a funny choice of expenditures in tough economic times. And these are the reasons we're going to have to end up with tax increases...I wonder how much money all across the nation (all states) is being spent on this?

  • whatelseisnew Jul 8, 2009

    Sorry to see another 800 thousand being wasted in the public system. Oh well, we could have put that money to good use.

  • tbajr Jul 8, 2009

    Sponsered by the Dept. of Education, I doubt that the real truth
    will be given such as the Civil War, the Act of 1871, (creating another UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION), the false ratification of the 14th Amendment, the truth about the income tax law (16th Amendment), who is sovereign,(the people or government), and numerous other lies, deceit, and fraud committed upon the people.

  • FoxtrotUniformCharlieKiloakaCALM Jul 8, 2009

    Uh oh, wait til they find out about the real reason behind the Civil War... (or will they skip that part?)