Goldsboro boy finds a whale of a treasure

Posted June 5, 2009
Updated June 6, 2009

Greg Williams brought home a treasure more than 400,000 times older than himself.

— Little boys bring home the darnedest things – frogs, lizards, sticks and stones. For one 10-year-old Goldsboro boy, he brought home a treasure more than 400,000 times older than himself.

“It was about right here,” said Greg Williams, pointing to the spot in a Wayne County creek where he found his great find. “We were looking at rocks … It didn’t look like a regular rock.”

What he found was no rock. It was a whale vertebrae estimated to be 4 to 6 million years old.

Goldsboro boy finds whalebone in creek Goldsboro boy finds whalebone in creek

“He's always been interested in things (and looking) for unusual things, so I was proud when he found something that we could trace back and find as old as it is,” sad Jamie Feil, Greg’s mother.

Greg and some friends were exploring a neighborhood creek last year when he found the fossil, but he just recently decided to take it to a museum to have it identified.

"It's a nice find,” said Vince Schneider, a curator of paleontology. “They're not rare, but you have to be in the right place at the right time."

While Greg's discovery may never hang in a museum, it has a value greater than a price tag.

"I think the value there is for him to treasure it as something he found that basically was never seen before for 4 to 6 million years before he saw it,” Schneider said.


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  • GetALife_all Jun 8, 2009

    Jesus use to ride on raptors and the Earth is flat. Please the Earth is 4.5 billion years old.

  • cat1284 Jun 8, 2009

    TriangleMommy- Please don't assume that EVERY Christian agrees with your stance on Science. I'm a Christian and nowhere in the Bible that I read does it say that a day is longer or shorter than God's concept of time.

  • TriangleMommy Jun 5, 2009

    Where in the Bible does it say the world hasn't been created for that many years. EVERY Christian knows that during Creation what we know of a day is not a 24 hr day. So we do not know how long the 7 days of creation lasted in a time frame we know and understand.

    Science and Christianity can co-exist.

    I think this kid's find is cool!

  • ujstdontgetit Jun 5, 2009

    natalie ... Amen ... I agree 100%. People need the Lord.

  • nataliecox5 Jun 5, 2009

    thats a bunch of stinky....4 to 6 million years old.... read the Bible the world hasnt been around that long .. who wrote this article.. an evolutionist........ you need church