Wilson's St. Therese Catholic School closing

Posted May 20, 2009

— St. Therese Catholic School, 700 Nash St., Wilson, will close on June 5 due to low student enrollment.

The staff of the private school were informed of the closing last week.

The facility nearly shut down in 2006 due to financial problems, but parents and parishioners raised enough money to keep the school going.

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  • See Chart May 22, 2009

    The wealthy Vatican State does not help these needed
    Catholic schools in any way to survive.
    My thoughts are just selling at auction one of 2 of
    their important Michaelangelo art works could keep
    the financing of many schools in this country from
    Catholics schools give kids a chance at "a private school"level of education with out the huge costs.Many non Catholics send their children to Catholic schools. Trouble in Wilson is that they have 2 other Private schools one secular and one intended just for Christians that probably draw off the parents that wish for more specialized education that embraces pre-screening of children that which the public schools cannot do.

    Tis a shame.