Cary traffic police get new unifoms, cycles

Posted March 5, 2009

— The Cary Police Department on Thursday rolled out new uniforms and motorcycles for its Traffic Safety Team.

Designed especially for motorcycle riding, the new uniforms are equipped with reinforced nylon and pads to protect the officer in the event of a crash, officials said. Full-face helmets offer more protection for the officer’s face and help decrease wind noise so officers can better communicate on their radios.

The BMW motorcycles offer greater safety in braking distance and improved handling under normal and adverse driving conditions, officials said. The motorcycles are designed exclusively for use by law enforcement officers, providing faster acceleration and smoother manageability.

“Safety is our No. 1 priority, which is why we switched to the reinforced uniforms and motorcycles designed specifically for law enforcement,” Capt. Tracy Jernigan said in a statement. “Of course, we’re also very happy that the motorcycle purchases are expected to cut our bottom line and save the town money long-term.”

The four motorcycles cost $90,296, and the uniforms cost $1,648, officials said.

Previously, Cary leased Harley Davidson motorcycles at a cost of $21,200 a year. Based on conservative estimates, officials said, Cary should save 25 percent to 45 percent over conventional leasing terms over a six-year period, or about $50,000.


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  • chivegas Mar 9, 2009

    "If a motorcycle officer arrests a driver for DWI, how's he taking him in? Bingo, he has to call a back up with a car to do it for him."

    Maybe they can add sissy seats with cages...

  • marathonk Mar 9, 2009

    I'm glad to see the Cary PD moving to a more responsive motorcyle and protective gear for their officers. An officer on a motorcycle can generally respond faster than an officer in a squad car due to increased maneuverability.

    The BMW(in the spirit of full-disclosure, I'm a former BMW R-series motorcycle owner)offer a significant reduction in weight, better performance and fuel economy, excellent handling, and anti-lock braking compared to the Harley. Additional features such as heated grips and seats allow riders to tolerate colder temperatures without compromising dexterity.

    The protective gear issued to the officers has several purposes. One is the reduction of potential injury. The other is to provide an example to the motorcycling public as to the proper gear that should be worn whenever riding. There is a term using in the motorcycling community - ATGATT - All The Gear All The Time. That concept could save lives and skin for many riders.

  • Z Man Mar 9, 2009

    Someone is obviously misinformed.

    Motorcycle tires are VERY soft and last approximately 5,000 miles. It costs around $500 to replace them. This is a 10 fold expense over a cruiser.

    BMW also recommends a major service every 4,000 miles including checking the valve clearences if the bike has solid lifters (my BMW does). Major services cost over $300.

    So if 'smart' means good looking, then yes, nothing like cops on a bike. But if 'smart' means frugal with the taxpayers money, then an independent thinker could not possible come to such a conclusion.

  • IzzMad2016 Mar 9, 2009

    FYI -- Cary makes zero on the red light camera operation. The camera opeating company gets a portion of each fine and the remainder is donated to Wake County Schools. It's a fact.

  • dogluvr26 Mar 6, 2009

    I'm just curious as to what a "unifom" is... "Cary traffic police get new unifoms, cycles". It sounds exciting!

  • freddie cadetti 72 Mar 6, 2009

    So motocycle and specialty uniform costs $22986 each...more than a dodge charger or crown vic on state contract. And what about fuel savings? If a motorcycle officer arrests a driver for DWI, how's he taking him in? Bingo, he has to call a back up with a car to do it for him.

  • independent_thinker Mar 6, 2009

    Z Man, Motorcycles are an important part of a smartly equipped police force. Even "slow" motorcycles [these are not slow...] can out-accelerate most cars. The maintenance and upkeep is generally lower, and MPG is superb. It's a win for the PD and for taxpayers.

  • Quagmire Mar 6, 2009

    Remember the Andy Griffith episode where Barney buys a WWII motorcycle with a sidecar and gets all gussied up in a new uniform.

  • EZeegoing Mar 6, 2009

    jgirl5830, My comment was meant to be a sarcastic pun towards the money grabbing Cary red light camera system.

  • jgirl5830 Mar 6, 2009

    EZ, what do red light camera tickets have to do with CPD getting new bikes? The money from that goes to the company that runs the cameras and the schools, CPD has their own operating budget for things like this and they get grants from the federal Gov't and the state for equipment.