Raleigh church offers discounted groceries

Posted January 17, 2009

— A local church is helping families fill their kitchens.

St. Andrews United Methodist Church in Raleigh is the local distribution center for Angel Food Ministries, a program designed to help people, who don’t necessarily qualify for other help, get groceries.

The program distributes food monthly to families in need. Families pay $20 for about $70 to $100 worth of food.

Families can pay for food with cash, money orders or EBT food stamps.

Convenience packages of easily prepared meals are available for senior citizens living on their own, organizers said.

All food must be pre-ordered at the church prior to monthly pickup. Orders are taken Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. – noon and on Tuesday nights from 7 – 8 p.m.

Orders for the February distribution must be placed by Feb. 16.


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  • oneconservativemom Jan 26, 2009

    As a follow-up on the comments about the Senior boxes (or convenience boxes), Angel Food has been listening to feedback about these. They recently changed the provider for these particular boxes due to the negative feedback they received. I haven't tried the new ones personally, but hopefully they are better tasting. I do understand though that the nutritional information given isn't for the individual meals. Instead, a range is given for the entire box. This may pose a difficulty for those with special dietary needs (diabetes, etc.).

    Folks, this is STILL a great deal - reasonably priced food that really helps to stretch the budget. I mean, have you been to the grocery stores recently? Prices are still really high there. This is one program that can help make the most of your food dollars.

  • any1butcarolina0405 Jan 26, 2009

    I really hope I'm misreading and I'm not reading comments about people COMPLAINING about the food donated, and the way it tastes. If you're truly in need, you won't care what it tastes like as long as your family doesn't go hungry! Those kinds of people made me wish as a volunteer (at a different organization)that I had the right to refuse to give food to a mom that said "Oh not potatoes again [insert obscene word here]" you know how hard it was to give someone like that a BOX of food, and then at the end of the day you have a single mom coming in, and you're out of food and she cries in THANKS when you give her a dented can of some random food?

  • gccmp Jan 21, 2009

    Treasure...there is no missing piece to the puzzle. I promise you that at our Church we do not do this for folks to purchase and give to others. We average maybe one or two boxes a month being donated. Please go to the Angel Food Ministry website and you will see there is nothing on there about needing to purchase and give to someone else. I can promise you that this program is the real deal!! There is no catch to it or our Church would have quit participating a long time ago.

  • gccmp Jan 21, 2009

    While I agree with brendanarron that buying a box to give away will bless you, that is not the main concept of the program. I have never read that on the AngelFood site. The main concept is to provide affordable groceries to everyone. We do have quite a few members of our Church that choose to purchase boxes and donate them but that is completely by their choice. If you can afford to do that and want to, that is great but don't feel like it's expected of you. We NEVER ask or expect anyone to donate boxes.

    As far as the Senior Meals. They are convenient but since they are low in fat and sodium they don't have a lot of flavor. I purchased them one month for my Mom and she said they were okay but didn't have enough flavoring. Since she doesn't have heart problems and doesn't need low sodium and low fat meals, she doesn't want them anymore.

  • treasure Jan 21, 2009

    "One of the main concepts of this program is to buy a box and give it to someone who needs groceries,although anyone can purchase it. You will be blessed by giving to someone in need."

    Thank you Brendanarron, for adding the above to this discussion. I thought there was a puzzle piece missing.

  • brendanarron Jan 21, 2009

    Angel Food Ministry is also distributed at New Hope Baptist church at 4301 Louisburg Road Raleigh. One of the main concepts of this program is to buy a box and give it to someone who needs groceries,although anyone can purchase it. You will be blessed by giving to someone in need.

    The senior boxes from what I know about them are not they good, but the meat and fruit boxes are good.
    This is a very good ministry.

  • mmania Jan 21, 2009


    The first box I got from them was the convience meals and was sorely disappointed. The food wasn't up to par and quite frankly didn't have any taste. I suggest you go with the regular box and fix meals ahead of time. This last box I got from the January menu was excellent.

  • strawberrysw4 Jan 21, 2009

    Had anyone tried the senior meals that you just have to reheat? How does that work... I'm assuming they are frozen? Are they good?

    We are looking for something for my grandparents.

  • gccmp Jan 21, 2009

    I'm the director for an Angel Food distribution site at Triangle Church in Chapel Hill. We have been doing this for about 1 1/2 years and love being able to help others in the community. Yes, this is for EVERYONE! That's what is so great about this program. One correction to the story though. A regular box is $30 not $20 but still a great deal. I encourage everyone to find a site near them. AngelFood is in 38 States so even tell your friends and Family in other states.

    Distrubtion sites do receive $1 for every box that we sell. So we can continue the circle of helping by using that money also for benevolence.

    Our Church is set up to take orders online through the Angel Food website. I really encourage everyone to find a site near them and start saving money on their groceries.

  • oneconservativemom Jan 20, 2009

    Yep. The menus have been great lately. The one you can order for Feb includes: sirloin strip steaks, chicken breasts (2 lb), boneless pork chops (1 lb), chicken nuggets (2 lb), salisbury steak entree, bacon, hot dogs, carrots, peanut butter, milk, eggs, soup mix & a couple other things. All for $30. You can't beat that at the grocery store! If you buy a box, you are also able to purchase additional things such as a fresh fruit & veggie box for $21, 2/5 bushel tangerines for $15, 6 lb assorted meat box (steak, hamburger, pork chops, Italian sausage) for $22. There's also some other things on there not listed.
    I really don't think you could buy this amount/quality of food for the prices offered through Angel Food.
    MrsScienceNerd is correct that a very small portion of the cost of the food comes back to the distribution site. Its usually invested back into the program (buying additional boxes of food for donation to others).