N.C. has fourth-fastest growing population

Posted December 22, 2008

— North Carolina continues to gain residents, newly released census data shows.

The state gained almost 181,000 residents between July 2007 and July 2008, a growth of 2 percent. Of those, more than 120,000 came as a result of migration into the state from elsewhere in the country and the world.

An estimated 9.2 million people live in the state, the Census Bureau said.

The Tar Heel state has the fourth-fastest rate of growth in the country, behind Utah, Arizona and Texas. South Carolina and Georgia were also among the top 10 in population gain for the past year.


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  • whatusay Dec 23, 2008

    NC is becoming the Welfare State. NC wants cheap labor and will offer welfare and social services in return.

  • etbcapt Dec 22, 2008

    To gow1986 : You are correct. However the true reason we are growing so fast is due to the illegal mexicans and are welfare system rewarding people to have more babies that do not work and a baby is just another check to them. This is also the reason are prison population in NC now exceeds 34,000. When a child is born out of love but only for a dollar this is what happens.

  • manofjustice Dec 22, 2008

    For real I shop at Food Lion, Lowes Food, Sams and Costco.

  • ThisIsMyName Dec 22, 2008

    Out with the old, in with the new.

  • bomanicous Dec 22, 2008

    I was hoping the top three was going to be ny, nj & michigan. A guy can dream.

  • bomanicous Dec 22, 2008

    "Residents of Virginia refer to Nothern Virginia as "occupied territory". I think it safe to say that Raleigh now falls in that category."

    Yep - Especially in the peoples republic of cary.

  • 37 Dec 22, 2008

    Where does manofjustice shop?

  • gow1986 Dec 22, 2008

    WOW! What a shock...not! The sad truth is that NC being the fourth-fastest growing state is nothing to be proud of. It is actually getting out of control. I am a native North Carolinian which means I am a minority! Especially in the triangle. The state is being overtaken by Yankees and illegals. Yes, I know that not all people from the north are rude, obnoxious jerks; they just seem to have more than their fair share. Oh, I almost forgot - I don't care how you did it up there!

  • bs101fly Dec 22, 2008

    4th, yeah, we know.
    the school board has been whining about it FOUR years!

  • manofjustice Dec 22, 2008

    NC is a great state to live in. It has a lot of metropolitan areas. Georgia only has Atlanta. South Carolina only has Charleston. Well I guess Charleston is a metropolitan city. We have many facets of life here. We have all cultures here. The weather is nice. The people aren't so friendly anymore but I mind my own business so it doesn't matter. I just wish I could grocery shop and buy food that is from North Carolina and not Korea. We have cows here, why does my hamburger have to come from Asia?