Bush honors N.C. youth program

Posted December 1, 2008
Updated December 2, 2008

— President George W. Bush is thanking North Carolina volunteers who have served as mentors to children of prisoners.

Bush met with a few children and their mentors in Greensboro on Tuesday. After meeting with them privately, Bush said the children have ambitions and goals.

“By helping a child you can help the country,” Bush said.

Bush visited the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Greensboro. It has worked with Youth Focus Inc., a nonprofit agency, to match 220 children of prisoners with adult mentors.

The program is part of a national initiative, championed by Bush, that has provided mentors to more than 110,000 children.

Executive director of Youth Focus Chuck Hodierne said Bush made the analogy that everyone has to play the hand they’re dealt with, but “it’s what you do with that hand that really matters.”

The White House used the stop to emphasize Bush's efforts to support community groups as partners in solving problems. Bush encouraged anyone hearing about the mentoring program to consider taking part in it.

Bush made a second stop to present the President's Volunteer Service Award to Donna Hudson Turner. Turner is a 25-year volunteer at Hospice of the Piedmont.

Turner was notified about the visit last week, but was asked, for security purposes, to keep it a secret from family and friends as they gathered for Thanksgiving. "I couldn't tell anyone until the press release came out," she said. "That was four days of misery ... excitement and misery."


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  • homeimprovement Dec 2, 2008

    "Either the kids get the intervention they need NOW and get them on the right track OR we turn them out onto the streets. ...all the more reason why we need government mandated birth control."

    I thought this program was a good solution. If and when these children become good and productive members of society, they will represent an American success story.

  • Tired Of Excuses Dec 2, 2008

    Not all of the kids who are part of Youth Focus have parents who are inmates. Alot of these kids have HORRIBLE social situations that have affected them in ways we can only imagine. Either the kids get the intervention they need NOW and get them on the right track OR we turn them out onto the streets.
    ...all the more reason why we need government mandated birth control. To give young women and men a chance at a decent life and education before they bring an unwaned child into the world who faces years of neglect and abuse at the hands of those who are suppose to protect them.

  • homeimprovement Dec 2, 2008

    "honor the work of Youth Focus Inc., a United Way program that finds adult mentors for children whose parents are incarcerated."

    Honestly, I can see a spirited debate about the War, government spending and all the other stuff alot of you guys hate Bush over, but honestly, can't we all give credit to where it is due?

    The United Way is far from a "Conservative" charity, but this is a good cause. Why hate the man for everything he does.

  • freddie cadetti 72 Dec 2, 2008

    Wait and see. Obama will be the most traveled President of all time. There will be more unecessary trip than you can shake a stick at.

  • bluvisi Dec 2, 2008

    Days of secret service prep, local law enforcement (overtime not covered by federal gov't), maintaining Air Force One and a couple of large military cargo jets to haul around the limos and marine helicopters....and I'm sure much more.

    It takes hundreds of thousands, if not a million or more to move the president around. Trips should be limited to those essential to the Nation's interest - not for political stumping or photo ops - especially given the current economic crisis.

  • HopingForABetterWorld Dec 2, 2008

    I love it when people comment about the "vacations" Bush takes. Like the President ever gets a vacation. I believe he still works while on the ranch. I believe he still works while in Camp David. He is never off call, so give it a rest. So what if he goes to Texas to do the work.

  • Tired Of Excuses Dec 2, 2008

    I feel for the LEOs in Guilford Co. They have President Bush in town then the Federal hearing for Atwater in the Eve Carson Case. Doesn't sound like someone was thinking when they scheduled this one, but that's typical of Guilford Co.

  • G-man Dec 2, 2008

    You know I did really good during the Bush administration. Right up until the democrats took over the congress.

  • Schpartacus Dec 2, 2008

    Bush does things and people get upset. Now he's coasting and not doing things and people are still upset.

  • foetine Dec 2, 2008

    America's going in the tank on all borders and this guy has time to do a "victory" lap. Way to show us that you're enjoying Senior Skip Day. Doesn't W have a vacation coming up?