Cary ranked third-safest city in U.S.

Posted November 24, 2008

— Cary moved up in the latest rankings of safe U.S. cities and is now considered the third-safest among municipalities with populations of 100,000 to 499,999.

Amherst, N.Y., and Irvine, Calif., were named the two safest cities in the category, according to CQ Press, publisher of the annual “City Crime Rankings 2008-2009: Crime in Metropolitan America.”

Cary was No. 4 on the safe cities list last year.

“Even though Cary continues to be the safest large community in North Carolina and one of the safest places in the nation, we never lose sight of the fact that each crime we do have forever impacts one of our family, friends, or neighbors,” Cary Police Chief Pat Bazemore said in a statement. “Keeping Cary safe is inextricably tied to keeping Cary one of the best places to live, work and raise a family, which is why we are constantly looking for opportunities to prevent crime from occurring.”

Gang prevention, cracking down on cyber crime and preventing crime in rental properties are among the areas on which Bazemore said Cary police are focused.


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  • bs101fly Nov 25, 2008

    Maybe someone can explain that to Brad Cooper's dead wife's family!

  • ladybug467 Nov 25, 2008

    Thanks to Cary Buckeye fan and Lizard's post. Cary Hate People - don't read the stories if you can't deal with it. Grow up and please don't "hate Cary" and then shop or visit or drive over here, stay where ever you are and be happy"

  • lizard Nov 24, 2008

    Strickdaddy - you're wrong. There is no fine for reporting stats to the FBI. It's voluntary for the most part.

    You're also wrong about master casing. It's one event with 100 offenses. The number of offenses gets reported. Cities all over the US do it that way as instructed by the UCR (Uniform Crime Reporting) manual. Also there comes a time based on the evidence like weather or distance that we can tell the crimes are not related even though the same law is being broken. Doesn't matter though because the number of offenses is reported.

  • I agree Nov 24, 2008


    "99 out of 100 go unreported" Insurance claims require police reports be written, which equals statistics reported, which means you don't leave in Cary. I do live in Cary and the officers are thurough....thanks Cary PD for all you have done and will do!

  • cartman Nov 24, 2008

    I'm glad to see that Cary continues to be a low-crime place, that's one of the reasons I live there.

  • ajfc506 Nov 24, 2008

    As the Cameron Krazies say O---VER ---- RATED!

    Cary safe? Please.....

  • StrickDaddy Nov 24, 2008

    These reports are based purely on UCR (Uniform Crime Reporting) statistics that are sent to the FBI. Cary has always been very good at hiding the real numbers. For instance, if there are 100 car break-ins one night--they'll send in one. So the other 99 go unreported. This is allowable when the break-ins are obviosuly realted--say in the same apartment complex. However, Cary has never done that--they'll take all of them in the City and make them one.

    Many years ago they were caught doing this, and paid a huge huge fine--but it never go tout and they continue to do it.

    Feel safe Caryites---your police department has your back.

  • IzzMad2016 Nov 24, 2008

    And here I thought living in what is considered a very safe place would be praiseworthy but no --- not for the usual Cary bashers who criticize and ridicule at every opportunity. It's silly and unfair ... and should be a source of embarrassment to those who choose to display such petty jealousy for all to see/read.

  • chfdcpt Nov 24, 2008

    I may be slightly off, but Raleigh has 3-4 times the number of persons that Cary does. However, I think that the number of murders in Raleigh is more than 3-4 times Cary's.

  • Tin Nutt Nov 24, 2008

    Sure there is still crime in Cary, and if it happens to you or your neighbor then it is a big deal and will skew your personal viewpoint. This report sounds like it is based on a statistical formula - and within the parameters of the report Cary looks pretty good. I guess its kind of like flying - it is very safe for those that don't get on the wrong plane.