Buddies asked to fill up kids' backpacks with food

Posted August 29, 2008

— Local radio personalities want their fans to become school children's buddies – by donating food to fill up their backpacks.

Mix 101.5, WRAL-FM, kicked off its Backpack Buddies Food Drive in  the parking lot of the Old Navy store in Cary's Crossroads Plaza. Morning show hosts Bill and Sherri will be collecting food, backpacks and money.

The donations go to a student food service organized by the InterFaith Food Shuttle. That program benefits the 91,000 children who depend on free or reduced-price school lunches in seven counties around Raleigh.

The goal is to make sure the children have enough healthy meals and snacks to carry them through the weekend.

Volunteers stuff backpacks with enough food for six healthy meals and two snacks. The children take the backpacks over the weekend and return them on Monday.

In 2007, the Backpack Buddies Program provided 120,000 meals for children.

People are encouraged to donate the following food types:

  • canned meats, vegetables and soups with pop-tops
  • individual-sized portions of cereal, grits and oatmeal
  • microwaveable meals, such as Easy Mac and Spaghetttos
  • healthy snacks, such as granola bars, raisins and Goldfish
  • 100 percent-juice boxes and bottles and shelf-stable milk.

The program can also use new backpacks and monetary donations.

The marathon food drive lasts until 6 p.m.


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  • USFeducator Sep 1, 2008

    This article is about the good done for those who cannot do for themselves, not about the “system” or anything else.

    As another poster indicated, try being a teacher in a school where the only meals these students eat are the ones provided during school hours. Teachers are with these precious babies (yes the precious babies whose parents are unable, cannot or do not take care of them), and we want to continue the nurturing over the weekend. As a teacher in DPS, you would be surprised how grateful a student is when given a Fig Newton or a healthy snack by a teacher just because.

    If others on this post want to poke holes in our compassion and desire to pick up where others are not able, do yourself a favor, stop posting negative thoughts and run for office under a republican ticket, there is a whole bunch of YOU’S that need some “soul sucking” and leave us compassionates to spend money on others and not on narcissists like you.

  • georgeorwell1 Aug 29, 2008

    Allow those who understand the reality of poor America to help. Society is supposed to help those in need. This country has a shameful record of ignoring the plight of those right under your nose.

    They are ignored because they could work if they wanted to. they made a decision to sit around and collect a check. They made a decision, I am fine with them living in the style they chose to live.

  • CuriousT Aug 29, 2008

    JohnnyMalaria -

    "splain" is from the old "I Love Lucy" show---probably before your time. Ricky used to say it to Lucy. Ricky was Cuban which explains his issues with this word.

  • JohnnyMalaria Aug 29, 2008

    "We have parents riding up in Hummers and their kids are on free and reduced - "splain that one to me!!!" - StateMom

    Not sure what "splain" means - presumably some silly contraction of explain. So, here is the explanation you seek:

    In every walk of life there are those who will abuse the system. However, this isn't a good enough reason to not help those who truly need it.

    In the past few days, this website has revealed more selfish, uncaring and truly ignorant people that I would have ever expected to see. The lack of understanding of what society is supposed to be is very sad indeed.

  • huntgage Aug 29, 2008

    I am very torn by the responses to this story.
    On one hand, it infuriates me when you see families that live in public housing and/or subsidized housing and their brand new cars are in the driveway and they are wearing brand new designer name clothes. Those "parents" need to prioritize and put their kids first.
    On the other hand, I truly feel compelled to assist in any way those families that REALLY are doing the best they can. The families I speak of are those that are God fearing and know the basic principles of right from wrong. These families are the ones who, no matter what, stand by each other and raise their children.
    Lets keep the Faith and make sure that there are no kids in the United States going to bed hungrey!
    Lets all remember that

  • CuriousT Aug 29, 2008

    Perhaps it is if their parents won't provide it . Then again, for a group that is espousing charity, there's a surprising lack of it toward anyone with a different opinion.

  • dcatz Aug 29, 2008

    Feed a man a fish and you'll feed him for a day.
    Teach a man to fish and you'll feed him for a lifetime.

    Perhaps it's time these kids learned to grow their own food.

  • CuriousT Aug 29, 2008

    SFY has a VALID POINT and it’s TIME TO STOP PICKING ON HIM. You’re using “emotional blackmail” to get him to SEE YOUR POINT when he’s ALREADY acknowledged it.

    I DON’T believe it’s a good idea to let EMOTIONS take over COMMON SENSE. If you have the wherewithal to subsidize freeloaders, go for it. I’m sure these folks will thank you and be happy to take your money.

    I DO BELIEVE in the “teach a man to fish” theory of charity. I WILL HELP feed children when they’re hungry, clothe them when they’re naked, and assist them in learning to STAND ON THEIR OWN TWO FEET by providing PAYMENT FOR CHORES.

    I’m NOT WILLING to take on RAISING YOUR CHILD because you don’t have any SELF CONTROL. I’ve already raised MINE to take responsibility for themselves and their community.

    As my dad used to say, “Opinions are like backsides, everyone has one. Some are BIGGER than others, but NONE MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY OTHER ONE.”

  • StateMom Aug 29, 2008

    I work at a school and there are VERY few kids that will go hungry over the Labor Day weekend - half the kids on free/reduced tell you they ate before they came to school, then they eat some and waste the food. I am all for helping people in need, but I am not for helping where there is no need - just an additional way for the schools to collect tay payer dollars. We have parents riding up in Hummers and their kids are on free and reduced - "splain that one to me!!!"

  • JohnnyMalaria Aug 29, 2008

    "sorry, I can not take food out of my kids mouth to feed soeone else's kid. The government already does a good job of that." -

    Then don't.

    Allow those who understand the reality of poor America to help. Society is supposed to help those in need. This country has a shameful record of ignoring the plight of those right under your nose.