State Fair ticket sales begin

Posted August 1, 2008

— Tickets to the 2008 N.C. State Fair went on sale earlier than ever through the fair Web site Friday.

State Fair Manager Wesley Wyatt hopes the effort will allow families on tight budgets to plan their trip to the fair.

Admission, ride, grandstand and Dorton Arena entertainment tickets are available for online purchase.

"While we feel the State Fair provides one of the best entertainment values in the state, we understand that wallets are stretched a little more than usual now. By offering early ticket sales, families can make plans and purchases throughout the next three months if necessary," Wyatt said.

Online purchasers will get a discount of $2 per adult admission ticket and $8 per ride sheet.

Tickets go on sale at the N.C. State Fairgrounds box office and other area locations on Oct. 2. The fair runs Oct. 16-26.


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  • jchelpus Aug 4, 2008

    Oh wow people. . . bums. We take our safety in our hands when we wake up in the morning and drive ourselves to work. Or what about the plane rides. Nothing is for certain or for sure. Bums hum. . . at least they are working. And just think---how many of us are truly a paycheck from poverty. Get a grip people. Think positive for a minute.


    Kiddy Rides are the Same, just a few tickets less. Most rides take 5 or 6 tickets which can pan out to about $6-7 for a cheap raddle ride that is controlled by a no teeth man without a shave. Funny how people will not take a child to a sitter or let stay with someone for an hour or so but, will put there kids on these put up- tear down rides that are controlled by bums. It takes only a few hours to take down most of these. I would be concerned and would not waste this kind of money on this junk.

    The kiddy rides are about 3 -4 tickets for about $3.00 a ride. Remember this is NOT Wally World, its junk rides. Ride at your own risk. All one has to do is take a trip out to the Fair Grounds the week before or a few days before and watch these people put them up. They hire kids for about $5.00 and hour to put them up and most of the time they do not have a clue what is going on.

  • Wags Aug 1, 2008

    anybody know if the kiddie ride tickets are different price?


    I like going to the state fair for the food and things to see. but the rides are pure junk. The thing that amazes me is how much money people fork out for these non-thrill, carnie rides. The people that run them are such bums. Spend your money wise, take a trip to a good safe amusement park.

    I bet you that the fair will have more people than ever and they will be just tossing and throwing money away. And those are the people that continue to complain about rising cost in fuel and food.