Jehovah's Witnesses to gather in Raleigh

Posted July 30, 2008

— An estimated 20,000 Jehovah's Witnesses are expected to attend a district convention at the RBC Center Aug. 1-3 and Aug. 8-10.

The "Guided by God's Spirit" convention is free and open to the public daily beginning at 9:20 a.m.


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  • htomc42 Jul 31, 2008

    Maybe its just me- and I offer this constructively for all the JW's out there who feel compelled to share their beliefs... Perhaps one of the reason why you receive some of the abuse that you do, is that to come onto someone's property and ring their bell- essentially interrupting anything they may be doing and demanding their time, however short, to be an extremely rude and inconsiderate thing to do. Yes, I realize how much you might personally feel about your "message" and all that. But using that as justification to invade someone's property without knowing their desires, is taken by many as a very prideful rudeness. You have no idea of someone's situation behind those doors.

    Maybe you don't intend it to be taken that way, but many people see this door-to-door evangelism as a very intrusive and odious practice. By all means, do whatever you wish to spread your faith, but a person's home is their castle! JW's would get a million times more respect if they stopped this!

  • readyforgodswilltobedone Jul 31, 2008

    What Congregation do you attend?

  • IzzMad2016 Jul 31, 2008

    I don't mean to insult anyone, I really do not. When I answer their knock, I am always polite and never rude. I just don't believe in solicitation type phone calls or approaching someone's home uninvited to share religious, political or other beliefs. Peace out.

  • commonsensical Jul 31, 2008

    PetLovin: They don't consider their work as 'soliciting', therefore they will likely ignore the sign. What you can do is answer the door the next time they knock, and ask that you be placed on their list of 'do not call' homes. They actually do keep a list, and they will update it every 6 months (in case you move).

  • seenenuf Jul 31, 2008


    Speaking for myself as one of JWs, I will honor your wishes. I expect other JWs will probably do the same. Thank you for the way you expressed it.

  • IzzMad2016 Jul 30, 2008

    I mean this kindly....really and truly I do, but please observe the No Soliciting sign on my door. I am happy with my beliefs and wish you continued happiness with yours.