Wilson residents get access to city-owned network

Posted June 10, 2008

— Wilson residents began signing up for community-provided internet, cable and phone service Tuesday.

Over the past few years, the city has installed hundreds of miles of fiber-optic lines to create a network that competes with Time Warner.


Wilson officials believe high-speed Internet technology is crucial to attracting new businesses.

Soon the city will offer high-speed Internet, phone service and cable TV to any business or home in the city limits.

Wilson officials said the fiber-optic network will be self-supportive and use no tax money. Only residents who choose to subscribe will pay for the system.


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  • See Chart Jun 12, 2008

    Little Wilson NC to compete with Time-Warner and Direct-Satellite
    Companies ,Go Wilson!

  • DurhamDude Jun 11, 2008

    AT&T has a monopoly on the landline telephone service, Progress Energy has a monopoly on the utility supplied electricity, and PSNC Energy has a monopoly on the natural gas. I'm speaking for Raleigh customers. In the city, do you have your choice of trash service, water, sewer, and emergency (911) service?

    Isn't TV via the Internet competition, or DirecTV, or Dish Network?

  • dookie4life Jun 11, 2008

    ANything to compete with Time Warner is GOOD! Time Warner has a monopoly on the cable industry around here!

  • DurhamDude Jun 11, 2008

    This is a bad idea... very bad. Local government shouldn't get in the business of running cable TV, telephone service, and Internet access.

  • canes7 Jun 11, 2008

    Give it time... Someone will complain then the city will have to censor all the traffic. Then people will switch back to good ole TW. It will be another great idea ruined and all the FO cable installed will be for nothing. Another waste of taxpayer money.

    I hope this does not happen, but chances are it will.

  • whatusay Jun 10, 2008

    My only question, which no one can answer..."how much does it cost"?

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Jun 10, 2008

    Good job Wilson. Cable stinks. That's why I've stuck with my Satellite and DSL Internet since the mid-1990's.