Chapel Hill homeless shelter plans move

Posted May 5, 2008

— The homeless in Orange County will get a new place to stay starting in 2011.

The men's shelter is planning to move from downtown Chapel Hill to a new site on Homestead Road.

The shelter, which will cost $3 million, will have 50 beds.


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  • JustAName May 8, 2008

    Unpopular Suggestion : Why not combine all homeless shelters into one and put it some where it will be cost effective and on a route of local transit. Then, Wake, Durham, Orange and other nearby counties could ship all their homeless to this central location to get shelter, food, and help. Combined resources.

    I've always wondered why homeless end up in the middle of downtown. I guess that's where the people end up at night.

  • Huey May 7, 2008

    srjbdl, free bus service will be provided. Of course this may not
    make the ride more pleasant for the other regular riders but
    that's life. After all, society owes these people certain things
    you know. Given enough resources, I am sure Chapel Hill can
    accomodate these visitors as required and as proper.

  • srjbdl May 7, 2008

    That makes no sense - why would you move the homeless far away from services, stores, etc.? If a homeless person wanted to get a job isn't transportation now going to be an issue?

  • turdferguson May 7, 2008

    Great move! Well, great for everyone except those who live near the future Homestead site. Now they can finally use the corner of Rosemary and Airport for something useful and safe. I wish they had done this before I went to school there. The only shame about this is that it costs 3 million dollars. How big is this place on Homestead Road?

  • KevinUNC97 May 6, 2008

    This seems a little suspicious to me. Why are they moving? Is it because Chapel Hill wants to pretend as though homelessness doesn't exist in Chapel Hill, so they hide it? I think public pressure influenced the move to a more discreet area. Shame on Chapel Hill!

  • Huey May 6, 2008

    At $60,000 per bed, it sure must be something extra nice they
    have planned. Maybe they are including a pool, spa, and tennis
    courts. We know that Chapel Hill only attracts the very best.