Michelle Obama to speak at NC A&T commencement

Posted March 28, 2012

— First lady Michelle Obama will deliver the commencement address at North Carolina A&T State University next month, the White House announced Wednesday.

Obama also will speak at graduation ceremonies at Virginia Tech and Oregon State University this spring.

North Carolina A&T is "part of the rich legacy of historically black colleges and universities that have been instrumental in educating generations of African-Americans," the White House said in a statement.

The school's commencement is scheduled for May 12.


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  • jasttn2 Mar 29, 2012

    "lavjt" I don't agree with your comments that Bush has spent more tha Obama. Obviously you are not aware that Obama has spent more than any other administration and grown the federal govt. What makes it even more shamefal is that he campaigned that the spending was a disgrace when Bush did it, but I guess it is ok for him. This president is a hypocrit, plain and simple. He promised the world to get elected and failed on most of those promises. What happened to the most transparent administration ever if he was elected?? He wasted two years on the healthcare law that is about to be overturned while people were suffereing needing jobs. What about the price we are paying for gas today?? He and his admin openly stated before they were elected they wanted to see energy prices soar so they could enact their policies. Obama might be better to pick cotton then be the president. He sure has flopped on being a leader. THE GREAT DIVIDER IS WHAT HE IS.

  • lavjt Mar 29, 2012

    WRAL, surprised and disappointed you would post "Shame that she'll be here in April. Cotton in NC has already been picked" such a disrespectful blog about Mrs. Obama, I don't think you would have posted such a comment about Mrs. Bush, shame on you! Please post my disrespectful comment about anthony9!

  • North Carolina Cutie Mar 29, 2012

    People are so ignorant. You could learn something if you picked cotton. I'm sure you weren't born with a silver spoon in your mouth or hand.

  • lavjt Mar 29, 2012

    @lawncare5: too bad you weren't as observant before obama became president because the majority of the debt crisis we have is from the last administration and even in debt this country still have to spend money in order to operate. What I would suggest you do is go do some homework on how debt and revenue works as a matter of fact go even further on the effect of unaccounted for debt (like wars, drug plans, tax cuts for high earners and out of control healthcare cost). I know it is easy for you to assume President Obama is somehow the reason for over 10 year of mismanagement, but you are dead wrong. Michelle Obama speaking to young people won't make or break this economy. and please tell me what example did President Bush set for you, please tell me because I want to know!

  • cwood3 Mar 29, 2012

    Spend spend spend-after all-it's someone elses money!!!

    The Obama's are good at that.

  • 426X3 Mar 29, 2012

    Big whoop.

  • lawncare5 Mar 29, 2012

    To any who make not like my comments. With the trillions of dollars of debt that Obama has produced, seems like he would want to cut back on spending. Wrong. Speaking at other colleges, which I didn't know about, also produced debt, thanks for telling me. Rules haven't changed, just our national debt. He is setting no example for anyone to follow.

  • lavjt Mar 29, 2012

    She has spoken at other colleges, if you weren't so quick to criticize her and did your homework, you would know that. As a matter of fact, she has delivered commencement speeches in 2010 and 2011. ........and what's with all this "with tax payer money" mess? Every president and first lady before the Obama has done the exact same thing, why does all the rules have to change since the Obamas are in the White House??

  • Chairman of the Bored Mar 29, 2012

    "How much tax money will that cost us??? Secret Service, fuel, etc." - lawncare5

    Probably more than it did for the last 10 first ladies to go speak at college commencements! Darn this country for wanting to have the first family elected by the citizens protected. We surely don't have any haters out there that may do them harm.

  • wakemom Mar 29, 2012

    hasnt other first ladies and presidents spoken at colleges before? never heard of anyone asking how much will it cost. oh wait, it wasnt at an HBCU. My bad!