Holder to speak at UNC law school commencement

Posted February 13, 2012

— U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will deliver the commencement address for the University of North Carolina School of Law on May 12, officials said Monday.

Holder, the first African-American attorney general, was chosen by a committee of law students from the graduating class. Michael Mukasey, who served as attorney general under President George W. Bush from 2007 to 2009, spoke at the school's 2009 commencement.

Holder previously was a litigation partner at Covington & Burling LLP in Washington. From 1997 to 2001, he served under President Bill Clinton as the deputy attorney general.


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  • MadMaxx Feb 17, 2012

    Funny, for some reason, no one has posted anything from the "Left" in support of this event. Must still be looking for something "Positive" to say about this speaker.

  • mike275132 Feb 17, 2012

    "UNC needs an example of the perfect lawyer for these graduates to use as a model for their careers. Since John Edwards is not available"

    John Edwards is too busy running for governor- Got to keep a convicted[Mike Easley] or nearly convicted felon [Bev Perdue] as Democrat Governor.

    Just some more - Change We Can Believe In!

  • mike275132 Feb 17, 2012

    Just some more - Change We Can Believe In !

  • prn13norm Feb 16, 2012

    Is Holder going to explain his concept of "selective justice"? How only whites can be guilty of voter intimidation. Or is he going to justify how he tourched innocent women and children at Waco, Texas? Or perhaps how he lied to Congress about his knowledge of "Fast and Furious"? He should be impeached then tried for crimes againist the American People!

  • edlmc Feb 16, 2012

    UNC is becoming the punch line for every liberal joke, that should say something, we should cut funding to UNC and give it to Private Colleges. All we are doing at UNC is raising new Occupy protestors

  • gnboliver Feb 16, 2012

    UNC needs an example of the perfect lawyer for these graduates to use as a model for their careers. Since John Edwards is not available, I guess that's why they chose Eric Holder.


  • ffarthing53 Feb 15, 2012

    Not that he's worthy of anything to do with the law other than impending it, but at least he's speaking at UNC Berkley east. They go together well.

  • MadMaxx Feb 15, 2012

    Sorry excuse for a lawyer, is that low or what? He needs to be indicted for his role in Fast ad Furious and his attempted cover up of it. Hope the left winged liberals at UNC unite and sing kumbaya with him at the commencement.

  • masontom56 Feb 15, 2012

    He may not be in office by then. He's going to have to resign or face impeachment

  • jgriffith3792 Feb 15, 2012

    Pretty sad.