Duke describes new relative in human race

Posted September 8, 2011

The Thursday issue of Science describes a new finding in the history of the human race. Australopithecus sediba lived about 1.977 million years ago, and had features of both the Australopithecus lineage, like Lucy, and the more modern Homo lineage, which includes modern people.

In a display of replica casts of two Australopithecus sediba specimens, Duke University anthropologist Steven Churchill explains how the bones indicate that they ate a better diet and probably made use of stone tools, though their brains are still relatively small. They walked upright, but were still adept at tree-climbing.


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  • Desiderata Sep 13, 2011

    Actually, I'll wait to get the "facts" from the big guy/gal before I make decisions...just got to wait a (long) while I hope! :)

  • TeenDAD Sep 13, 2011

    Its tough for the uneducated to support something they cant understand, hence all the science bashers on here.

  • jwrr41 Sep 13, 2011

    i stand by my opinion just as you are stuck in the cave man era. what a joke. this is 2011 get a life!!!

  • pmck Sep 13, 2011

    Still living in caves? Are you serious? Humans would still be living in caves scientists weren't making discoveries? Give me a break. People are sick of theory being presented as fact. Every week another scientific "theory/fact" is disproved in the daily news - all based on who funds the research.

  • silverflash Sep 12, 2011

    you know, comments like from one of the previous posters talking about getting rid of this sort of work and hire people for real work now are ludicrous. Without work like this where would our race be? Still living in caves.

    I say we also need to spend MORE on space as well. Our future lies out there. Not here on this increasingly shrinking planet we call Earth. Where would we all be if Columbus(or whoever you think discovered the new world) didn't make that voyage because he just could not afford it? Or thought he couldn't? Stuck in Europe. Think about it.

  • Objective Scientist Sep 12, 2011

    "The suppositions these folks make are absolutely hilarious." - post by

    Sometimes such things can seem to be a "stretch", but the method is meticulous and rigorous and what is known as the "Scientific Method" is employed... a method that has led to many great advances in our knowledge in every facet of our lives. How do we know things? At the bottom of the hierarchy is mere "intuition" that may consider few if any "facts". There are several steps in the hierarchy of "how we know" that leads to the "TOP" or best way we know things... which is via the "Scientific Method".

  • jwrr41 Sep 12, 2011

    no wonder my husband and others can't find jobs i guess this type of work is more important than peoples lives trying to make a living in todays world. who gives a rats behind about these bones or where they came from!!!! come on cut these jobs out and hire real people for real jobs now!!!!

  • veyor Sep 12, 2011

    The suppositions these folks make are absolutely hilarious.

  • ncmickey Sep 9, 2011

    The missing link....