United States of Opioids

Like other drugs, opioid prescriptions vary by dosage and days supply, so the Centers for Disease Control used pharmacy surveys to calculate a measurement called MME - morphine milligram equivalents. Select a county below to find out the annual MME per person for each county in 2015 and see how things have changed in the last five years. Some counties, like Camden, did not report data for 2015.

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From 2010 to 2015, nearly half of all localities reporting across the country saw a decrease in the prescription of opioids, according to CDC data analyzed by The Associated Press. But about one-quarter saw an increase of more than 10 percent. Here's a look at morphine milligram equivalents per capita for each locality that reported in 2015.

MME per capita






The CDC's study found that localities with high prescribing rates had several factors in common, including larger percentages of non-Hispanic white residents, a higher prevalence of diabetes and arthritis, higher rates of unemployment and higher rates of Medicaid enrollment. Counties with higher rates also tended to be so-called "micropolitan" areas, which have fewer than 50,000 people with urban areas of at least 10,000.

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