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NAACP doubts linger over Wake schools assignment plan

Posted July 7, 2011
Updated July 8, 2011

— One of the most vocal critics of the Wake County school board's new student assignment policy says he still has concerns about it, despite a private meeting Thursday with the school system's superintendent.

State NAACP President Rev. William Barber said after a two-hour conversation with Superintendent Tony Tata that he's still not convinced that the district's move – from busing students to achieve socio-economic balance in schools across the county to a model which would focus more on keeping students closer to home – won't result in segregation.

Unless the wording of the policy is changed to specifically address diversity, Barber said, the school system won't be able to guarantee that it won't segregate schools.

"If you don't have a policy that speaks to the issue of diversity and distinctly says how you are not going to see more racially identifiable, high-poverty schools – we know, without a policy, we are doomed to reverse," he said.

Barber and the Wake County Board of Education have been at odds for more than a year when it comes to the best way to assign students to schools.

For a decade, the Wake County Public School System has relied on a policy that shifts students to schools across the county so that no school has more than 40 percent of its population receiving free or reduced-price lunch.

Last year, the school board majority voted to change the practice, saying it wasn't working.

"Right now, we have 60 schools that are high-poverty schools, that are above 40 percent (of students receiving free and reduced-price lunch), so this notion that the old plan prevented high-poverty schools is a myth," Tata said Thursday.

The school system, he said, is moving in the right direction.

Wake County school Superintendent Tony Tata Tata, Barber meet about student assignment

"We're focused on student achievement, and I believe the plan is going to get us there," he added.

That plan, the so-called "Community-Based Choice Plan," allows parents to choose from a variety of schools based on their address. It also takes into account achievement balance and capacity at each school.

Nearly 14,000 Wake County households participated in a test run last month, and Tata and his student assignment task force plan to modify it before it goes to the board for final approval this fall.

If approved, it would go into effect for the 2012-13 school year.

Barber said the NAACP will continue scrutinizing the assignment plan and take lingering concerns to the polls in October.

"The issue for us is not the issue of choice or proximity," he said. "The issue for us is the Constitution, the standard of the law."

Barber also said that Tata's hands are tied when it comes to being able to ensure diversity, because the board changed the student assignment policy before he got there.

"He has to operate within the narrow mandate of the conservative members of the board," Barber said.

Tata disagrees, saying the task force also presented to the public a "Base Schools Achievement Plan," which is similar to the assignment model already in place.

Public feedback, however, favored the Community-Based Choice Plan.

"To say we didn't consider it or that I felt like my hands were tied, I don't feel like that is an accurate statement," Tata said.


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  • northern-transplant Jul 11, 2011

    I have an idea -- why don't we have Big Willie be chairmain of the BOE? Oh wait, that's right, he doesn't live in Wake County. So, I have another idea - why doesn't the BOE tell him to stay out of Wake County and worry about Durham schools diversity policy.

  • jdoe1 Jul 8, 2011


  • PickAnotherID Jul 8, 2011

    "To say we didn't consider it or that I felt like my hands were tied, I don't feel like that is an accurate statement," Tata said.

    So once again Barber puts words in someone else's mouth they didn't say. At least this time Mr. Tata was able to point out that what Barber said wasn't accurate.

    Barber has his own agenda that has nothing to do with what's best for Wake County kids. And he needs to take it somewhere else.

  • V1ROT8 Jul 7, 2011

    One thing to say.... PRIVATE SCHOOL

  • chance Jul 7, 2011

    Why don't they come up with multiple options and let the CITIZENS of Wake County vote on them in lieu of letting William Barber be the sole decision maker as to the education options of all Wake County. Personally, I'm quite tired of this. WRAL, why do I not get the face time in the press that this man does. Why makes him so much better than me or anybody else who has children in the school system? Why should he alone (Barber) be allowed to decide the educational fate of OUR children?????

  • mytwocents4 Jul 7, 2011

    So you have kids and are looking for a house to buy, naturally you will look at the schools in the area and their ratings. Many times you will choose to move to a neighborhood that has schools that you feel are suitable for your children or are close by. Now for some reason your kids have to get bused clear across town which in the end throws out the original idea you had about moving to where you did in the first place! Most if they can afford it will simply send their kids to a good private school to avoid all of that, and to ensure their education. Now your back where you started… your kids are in a school that you and others have chosen to go to because of preference, choice, and the American way!

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Jul 7, 2011

    Affirmative action is legalized reverse discrimination against Caucasians.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Jul 7, 2011

    "I have a grand idea; instead of busing students based on their free and reduced lunch status. Why don't we bus the students who do not qualify for either to the low income areas? Diversity will still be achieved. - RALEIGHNATIVE25"

    We already have this, it's called the Magnet School program.

  • MarcoPolo Jul 7, 2011

    I have doubts about this racist organization and why WRAL continues to give them a platform after all their racist antics.

  • futureorthodoc Jul 7, 2011

    Why do we keep seeing this guy? What a trouble maker! Enough is enough already!