Wake County Schools

Tata rallies Wake teachers amid budget worries

Posted July 5, 2011

— The Wake County Public School System's superintendent on Tuesday set out on a series of rallies with teachers prior to the start of the 2011-12 school year, encouraging them to stay focused on student achievement amid budget worries.

Tony Tata met with hundreds of educators from approximately 20 year-round schools, he said, in an effort to help ease their concerns.

The school system has already cut more than 200 clerical and administrative jobs, and more job cuts are expected in the weeks ahead because of reduced funding – $40 million less than the 2010-11 school year.

"I told them right up front (that) protecting teachers and the classrooms are my No. 1 priority," Tata said. "That will remain my No. 1 priority."

Tata said that it is important to him, as a leader, to help keep teachers focused on the school system's mission, vision and core beliefs.

"I think there are outside influences that are always going to be there, and we can't let that impact our quality of instruction or what we give our students, Heather Lynch, a teacher at Wilburn Elementary School, said.

Tata's two meetings on Tuesday were the first of 15 Tata is holding before the new school year.

Classes for the fall semester begin July 11 for some students enrolled in year-round schools. Students enrolled in traditional-calendar schools begin class on Aug. 25.


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  • scovert73 Jul 6, 2011

    Average Teacher Salary in Wake County Schools

    The average teacher salary in Wake County Schools is $39,973.
    Grade Level Average 10th percentile 25th percentile Median 75th percentile 90th percentile
    Pre-school $23,409 $16,174 $18,975 $22,742 $26,510 $31,475
    Kindergarten $41,828 $29,772 $34,040 $40,187 $49,421 $57,562
    Elementary $43,097 $31,700 $35,873 $42,016 $49,625 $57,377
    Middle school $44,801 $32,557 $36,428 $42,933 $51,616 $60,714
    High school $46,730 $32,272 $37,303 $44,932 $54,619 $65,220

  • Princess1 Jul 6, 2011

    I'd like to know where the average salary is $68,000 in NC because it certainly isn't Wake County. I teach in Wake County and I make $56,000 a year with 24 years experience and 18 credits POST Masters. I took a $22,000 pay cut to move here for my husband's job. I am not complaining about the pay cut, that was my choice, however, ga2nc36bm, you have absolutely no idea how low NC pays their teachers as compared to other states. The benefits are by far inferior as well, again not a complaint, it is my choice to teach here. Just get your information straight.

  • ga2nc36bm Jul 6, 2011

    i seen the average teaching salary in wake is 68,000 if there paying that much they need to layoff so what you got a degree its doesnt take no 68,000 to live comfortable in wake county if you cannot make it in nc off 40,000 of tax payer money you need to be laid off i am a demo but i will vote republican from now on

  • Nancy Jul 6, 2011

    superman - provide a link for the "two new assistant superintendents which will cost about $250K including benefits".

    And he didn't lay off teachers, he laid off administrative staff.

  • superman Jul 6, 2011

    And least you forget may I remind you that he is going to hire two new asst. supts which will cost about 250k including benefits. He found $500 to give teachers a bonus and in the same post he was laying off people. This guy knows as much about education as my 6 year old dog. He does not even hold a supts certificate. He is about as unqualified as the board could ever find.

  • Nancy Jul 6, 2011

    AWakeMom - yes, he did enjoy his 263 administrative support staff, which he defended needing each and every one.

    I don't know how he showed the teachers that the real purpose of the education system was to educate when so much money was diverted to such a huge 'support' system. Average salaries a few years ago for his staff was $68K per, because, as he stated, each one had a degree.

    How much did his staff 'teach' students?

  • AWakeMom Jul 6, 2011

    yes- Del Burns met with teachers AND support staff. Dr. Burns realized it took more than just teachers to run a school and he didn't hold one employee "more important" than another.

  • Nancy Jul 6, 2011

    Did Del Burns ever meet with teachers?

  • Iworkforaliving Jul 6, 2011

    tata is turning into one big mistake.

  • kittiboo Jul 5, 2011

    First, this was not mandatory. I attended today, though I was told I could've stayed and worked at school. Second, let me offer some advice to WCPSS- in times of budget concerns, you MIGHT want to consider printing agendas in black and white, not color- or even simply projecting the agenda and saving paper AND ink. Just sayin'.
    The best part of the rally was listening to the kids speak- brave and well-spoken students!