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Education group names Tedesco as CEO

Posted June 16, 2011

— Wake County Board of Education member John Tedesco has been named president and chief executive of a new education reform group.

The nonprofit North Carolina Center for Education Reform bills itself as "a catalyst to empower, innovate and transform education on behalf of the children of North Carolina." It is trying to address issues like student suspension, dropout rates and low test scores.

"John Tedesco is a passionate advocate for educational reform," the group said in a statement. "He has been a direct force for student achievement, personally pushing advanced rigor, new data systems, increased participation in advanced mathematics for all students, expansion of themed academies for STEM and Global Studies and the creation of both the Economically Disadvantaged Student Performance Task Force and four Renaissance Schools."

Tedesco has been a lightning rod for criticism on the school board for his efforts to end the long-standing practice in Wake County to assign students to schools to create socioeconomic diversity in favor of neighborhood schools. His work was halted last fall fellow Republican board member Debra Goldman sided with Democratic school board members to kill the student assignment plan he was working on.

Superintendent Tony Tata has been working in recent months on a plan that includes some aspects of the neighborhood schools plan.

Tedesco resigned his position as chief development officer for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the Triangle more than a year ago. He said at the time that he wanted to focus on his work with the school board, although he also suggested that proponents of student diversity had pressured Big Brothers, Big Sisters because of his work.


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  • tgiv Jun 17, 2011

    It's soo obvious that the PUBLIC schools are completely the center of attention of the board members, and that there are no conflicts of interest with the WCPSS and the Board members personal interests. The patronage train just keeps on a rollin' along...

  • Cornholio Jun 17, 2011

    Two married Republican board members had a 5 month affair. Can you guess which?

  • joyjames52 Jun 17, 2011

    Okay I hav a comment How is it that the school system can pass a child if they make 2or 3 F's and score Level 1 or Level 2 on their EGO's. I know a child that will be going into the nineth grade next year with these grades. His teacher's that gave him the F's commented on his report card Good luck year. If he continues to make F's and is placed in the next grade will he want to finish schoolor just quit.

  • fourcarolina Jun 17, 2011

    Good for you Tedesco! You earned it with all the mess the Reverend and Dems have created and shoveled at you! You all wasted ALOT of taxpayer money NAACP and Dems... Boo to you Goldman as I voted you to do "your" job that you promised.. that's ok.. your career prob over anyway on that move. No one will trust you again... But again.. Congrats John!

  • whistler411 Jun 16, 2011

    LOLOLOLOLOL. Tedesco as a CEO of anything seems laughable.

  • geosol Jun 16, 2011

    Just a little research quickly reveals that the right wing organization that "hired" little Tedesco is all about advocating charter schools. What a surprise!!! That's what their boy has been doing to Wake County by doing his best to destroy the traditional schools and especially those that help the poor and middle class. Way to go, wingers!!! Your boy will be begging for money soon, though, since he can't seem to handle finances very well. A match made in right wing Heaven (= normal folks Hades).

  • rroadrunner99 Jun 16, 2011

    If the Center is based in Washington D.C. it would be so nice if they would have him transfer to the "Home Office".

  • thinkin out loud Jun 16, 2011

    Government schools are the peoples schools, just too many people sit back with a "whatever" attitiude and let others decide how they will be run. If you have children in public schools, get involved, know what is going on and if you don't like it vote for someone else or run for office yourself.

  • ncst8mpa Jun 16, 2011

    What a ridiculous joke!! This is nothing more than a shell group for conservative activists to funnel money to their lap dog. Good boy!!

  • North Carolina Home Jun 16, 2011


    Can't help but wonder if you are one of the many tenured teachers that got kicked upstairs to DPI when so many parents forced your ouster.

    There's only 48 pages of such people on the DPI staff directory so what are the odds? Or do you work for NCAE?