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Morrison won't run for Wake school board

Posted June 2, 2011
Updated July 6, 2011

— Carolyn Morrison announced Thursday that she will not run for the District 6 seat on the Wake County Board of Education.

Five of the board's nine seats are up for grabs this year, those of Morrison, board Chairman Ron Margiotta and members Kevin Hill, Keith Sutton and Dr. Anne McLaurin. Hill said Wednesday that he would run again.

Morrison was appointed to her seat in Sept. 2009 to fill a vacancy. 

In a statement, she said, "I have done and will continue to do what I promised to the board members who appointed me to fill an unexpired term – devote my energy, experience and time to serving the people of Wake County."

Morrison listed four reasons for her decision not to run, including the move of the Wake County Public School System central office from Raleigh to Cary and the potential for partisan influence during the campaign season.

In the course of her term, Morrison has regularly sided with McLaurin, Sutton and Hill in the minority as the board considered issues including the controversial change in the district's long-standing student assignment policy.

The filing period for school board candidates begins July 25.


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  • Not_So_Dumb Jun 2, 2011

    The headline is wrong. Morrison cannot seek re-election since she was never elected. That is like saying you are going to redo something you have never done.

  • ammcat Jun 2, 2011

    Ms Morrison gave 4 reasons, but the article gives 2?

    Would 1 of the other reasons be she thinks she is unelectable?

  • Rebelyell55 Jun 2, 2011

    Don't blame her. If she knew what she was getting into, she would of most likely ran the other way.

  • clrollins Jun 2, 2011

    Poor Edith W! I guess you can't be sane if you disagree with her views. Now, on to more ranting!

  • are you kidding me Jun 2, 2011

    no problem with this here

  • hpr641 Jun 2, 2011

    Would it be OK if a very sane and extremely intelligent (but not like-minded) person is elected to the seat ... or is that simply not plausible? By the way, it's NOT "her" seat ... it belongs to the people of her district.

  • edith wharton Jun 2, 2011

    Hopefully some like-minded and marginally sane person will be elected to fill her seat. It doesn't seem likely, given the Beck-like ranting on this forum, but miracles do happen.

  • smcallah Jun 2, 2011

    "Its good to lose one of the minority leaders. Now, through an election, the MAJORITY will get a chance to put in someone that represents their views."

    Yeah, the minority doesn't need a voice! Their beliefs should be trampled on by the majority! No one should ever represent the minority.

    You do realize that the school board is like any other elected body, right?

    There is a majority of Republicans in the House, but that doesn't mean that it should all be Republicans. And there is a majority of Democrats in the Senate, but that doesn't mean they should all be Democrats.

    The school board members are elected by DIFFERENT districts of voters. Not all of those voters vote the same way as each district.

    Man, I swear, does everyone need to go back to middle school Social Studies or what?

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Jun 2, 2011

    Its good to lose one of the minority leaders. Now, through an election, the MAJORITY will get a chance to put in someone that represents their views.

  • HeadPro Jun 2, 2011

    "long-standing student assignment policy"

    One of many names I dare say... But as we have all learned... it was about money... as usual...