Wake County Schools

Wake to change process to switch schools

Posted April 15, 2011

— Wake County's school superintendent has recommended changing the way the system handles requests for students to transfer to different schools.

Superintendent Tony Tata said Friday that the review was initiated after a school board member Debra Goldman made a verbal request for her daughter to switch schools.

The review by Terri Cobb, the school district's chief of staff, concluded that nothing improper was done in Goldman's request, but the overall process could be improved.

"We determined that all recent transfers followed board policy, but I want to make changes that will clearly spell out the process to ensure consistency and maintain better transparency," Tata said in a statement.

He recommended requiring that transfer requests be made in writing and that decisions to provide transportation for students who switch schools be judged on a case-by-base basis.

The school system received nearly 12,000 transfer requests in the past three years and approved about 60 percent of them, according to Cobb's report. Both the number of requests and the rate of approval increased during that period.


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  • Shamrock Apr 18, 2011

    "because she did it with a phone call to her buddy, not written."

    it says right in the article that written requests have not been required before this change. Sure she did the same thing that others have done in the past. People just want to complain about any/everything. Geeesh!

  • harmstrong4 Apr 15, 2011

    intheno:because she did it with a phone call to her buddy, not written.

  • Shamrock Apr 15, 2011

    "Debra Goldman just asks for a transfer and POOF it gets done. No questions." Mako

    I don't get your point...it does not even say if her request was approved. How do you know there were not questions? Even if it was approved, the article states they approve about 60%. Why is this different? Sorry, but I am not making the connection. You sound like you are just mad about the busing issue that your child endured.

  • Shamrock Apr 15, 2011

    "As for Goldman, when it's her turn again she will have to answer for the disappointment she has turned out to be." Aunt Gertrude

    Yes, and she will be 2nd, just after Tedesco.

  • OGE Apr 15, 2011

    I just read both of wakemom's and MakoII's posts and have no clue what they are talking about.

    I live in Wendell and my wife teaches @ highschool in N. Raleigh. We followed correct procedure to get him transfered to Leadmine(which is also where is Grandmother works as well).

    IMO if a parent wants their child to go to a school other than the one they are assigned to then they should be required to provide transportation. If you don't want to pay for it then move to an address the school you want serves.

  • harmstrong4 Apr 15, 2011

    Tata's statement was "she did not do anything wrong, but she did not do it right" what the heck does that mean? lol

  • cubed32696 Apr 15, 2011


    Stop whining and drive your own kid. You're asking for special treatment. Life aint fair. Get over it.

  • Bring on the 4 Dollar Gas Apr 15, 2011

    " I had no clue " no offense wakemom, you situation stinks and beyond, but for most of the parents in this system they could say the same thing, they simply have no clue. About anything. They don't support, they don't show up, they don't care ...

    Wonder how many know their schools are in jeopardy of changing calendars again next year and then again the year after with a new assignment model?

    94.8% have no clue and I bet they'll be steamed once they do. When it's too late.

  • wakemom Apr 15, 2011

    jamar32806 who are you telling. now my son will have to attend a base school that isnt magnet. i had no clue that if you're denied a magnet seat and a magnet student you have to go to your base unless you do a transfer. with that being said, i was told if granted then i would have to provide him transportation because he cant get on the school bus to school. BUT they would rather him go to a "base" school is further away then the magnet school my other child attends now which is close to home. whew a mouth full! anyway still makes no sense. so i got one leaving out.. one coming in.. but gave my option to take the one leaving out spot for a "lottery child" and my youngest has to do a transfer. does that make sense to anyway? lol

  • Bring on the 4 Dollar Gas Apr 15, 2011

    The "Magnet" schools are a farce. Hopefully they will be changed totally in the next 2 years and some of those perks can be dispersed across all schools.