Wake County Schools

Tata assembles student assignment team

Posted March 8, 2011
Updated March 9, 2011

— Wake County’s school superintendent has temporarily reassigned six members of his staff to devote themselves entirely to implementing the school system’s new student assignment policy.

Tony Tata said in a statement Monday that the team would spend 100 percent of its time working on the plan and considering input from his recent listening tour, as well as the Wake School Choice proposal from the Wake Education Partnership and Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce and other proposals.

“We’re going to come up with the best plan that we can that satisfies the board and that satisfies the community,” he said.

James Overman, senior director of Elementary Education, will lead the task force, which also includes Brad McMillen, senior director of Evaluation and Research, David Ansbacher, senior director of Magnet Programs, Tamani Anderson Powell, director of Magnet Programs, Susan Pullium, director of Growth and Planning, and Susan Andrews, senior administrator of Staff Development.

In February, the Board of Education turned over responsibility for developing the student assignment plan to Tata.

He says that once the task force has a core of a plan that the team hopes to begin sharing its work with key community stakeholder groups and to have a plan ready to present to the board by late spring.


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  • blackdog Mar 9, 2011

    "The United States Supreme Court has ruled it's illegal to bus on race which is essentially what socio-economic diversity based busing is." don't like obama

    There you go. admitting race is the reason, and "Bussing" means, integration.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Mar 9, 2011

    Student Achievement and Performance begins in the home.

    Until lower socio-economic levels of our society begin to value education in the home and the community, no amount of money is going to fix the problem.

    Busing kids around Wake County isn't going to fix the problem until education is valued in the home and community of those being bused to the suburbs.

    There is a direct correlation between student achievement and parental involvement.

    This is why kids in higher socio-economic levels where education is valued in the home and the community perform better in school.

  • blackdog Mar 9, 2011

    "xandevalinour-- someone in Washington didnt like the way the board is operating and the school lost a 30 million dollar federal grant. The board also threw away another 3 million when they changed the location of a new high school. The board has cost the taxpayers 33 million so far."

    And, THAT is NOT conservative.

  • jaredg Mar 9, 2011

    i'm surprised there is no news coverage of the NAACP rally in front of the NC Legislative Building today.

  • m24s Mar 9, 2011

    Well put Deep Thoughts!!! Sad that it has turned out this way!

  • jervin6 Mar 9, 2011

    SeanKelly: Here is a link to the actual letter sent by the USDA. http://www.newsobserver.com/content/media/2011/3/2/USDA%20letter%201.pdf

    It actually references and states federal law that prohibits the use of reduced and free lunches for purposes such as school diversity.

    Section 9(b )(6) of the
    Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act, 42 USC 1786(b)(6).
    which information is disclosed under subparagraph
    (A)(iv)(I) shall use or disclose the information only as necessary for the purpose of enrolling children in health programs referred to in subparagraph (A)(iv).

  • Shamrock Mar 9, 2011

    "Sorry if you're offended. You'll get over it." givegovt

    Support your government or move.

  • wolfie7873 Mar 9, 2011

    No, this achievement-diversity plan is brilliant. If being in schools that have a majority of high-achieving students is good for the low-achievers, then problem solved. If the NAACP continues to argue, it puts them into a paradox. We all know that achievement is an allegory for affluence is an allegory for race in the public schools. The NAACP argument is that you need racial and socioeconomic diversity to provide prevent schools from having a critical mass of under-performing students. The achievement diversity plan tackles that by design. So the NAACP should love it. If they don't, it's tantamount to admitting that it's not student-achievement they're interested in, but instead race-baiting.

  • Bring on the 4 Dollar Gas Mar 9, 2011

    Tata is going nowhere. He's digging in for the fight of his life against the ignorant few who will never be happy.

  • Deep thoughts Mar 9, 2011

    The New American Dream: Work hard, live clean, stay focused and rise above your circumstances, be the rare example from your neighborhood who makes it out, gets an education, makes a comfortable living. Buy a nice home in a nice neighborhood; all this to give your children a better life than you had, then bus them 20 miles to school in the oppressed neighborhood you escaped from in the first place. Hmmmm?