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Wake school board approves 2011 legislative agenda

Posted March 1, 2011

Wake County Public School System

— The Wake County Board of Education on Tuesday approved a draft of its 2011 legislative agenda, which includes a request to change state law so that the board chairperson can vote in meetings.

School Board Policy 1200 dictates that the head of the school board has no authority to vote except to break a tie. To change the policy would require a change in legislation.

The concern voiced by Board Chairman Ron Margiotta and other board members is whether the board chair is fully representing his or her constituents if he or she isn’t allowed to vote.

Margiotta said it’s about being able to send a message to, not only his district but the entire community, about his position on issues.

Some board members pointed out, however, that the chairperson could still make his or her positions on issues known to the public without a vote.

To that, Margiotta replied that as the chairman officiating the meetings, he tries to stay out of the discussions.

Other items on the agenda include changing policy to give the school district the funding and flexibility to lengthen the school year, asking for a review and clarification of the state’s accreditation process and also raising the cap on charter schools.  (View the proposed draft of the board’s legislative agenda.)

The board voted against an amendment to the agenda by board member Keith Sutton, who proposed including several recommendations released Monday by the Public School Forum of North Carolina.

The Public School Forum is a think tank of business, education and government leaders who conducted a year-long study of the state education policies.

Although several board members liked the recommendations, which included longer school days for some schools and extending the school year, some said they weren’t ready to add all the recommendations to the legislative agenda.

There was some discussion to delay the approval to look at the recommendations but members feared they would miss key legislative deadlines if they did.


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  • superman Mar 2, 2011

    Many people has just absolutely missed the boat on school accreditation. The primary benefit is for a team of outside people to come in and review the system to see if it is up to par with the thousands of other school systems in this country. Certain standards have to be met. It can take 3 to 5 years for a school to go thru the initial process. Accreditation means that they have met those standards. When students graduate from an accredited system that is the last and final benefit for that student. Cetainly every parent wants to make sure that their child is getting what they deserve from the public school. The benefit for students begins when they are enrolled and ends at graduation. Dont just look at the end benefits.


  • Mom2two Mar 2, 2011

    Well said, Brent. We are an arroganr bunch,we Americans. Handing our very country over to China on a melamine platter. We are so stupid.

  • tired2 Mar 2, 2011

    wa4mjf...typical statement of someone who cries when they don't get their way...free society - everyone is entitled to vote as they see fit - "as she should" is in their own eyes - not yours...."should" is simply one and only one opinion. Time will tell whether or not the Board is headed in the right direction. You may want to change "should" to "in my opinion" because you offer no proof as to your expertise in the education field - as with 99% posting in these forums.

  • RonnieR Mar 2, 2011

    In the scheme of things with the current Board, the Chairman voting would not change things. When the RINO votes with the Dems it will be 5-4 instead of 5-3. When she votes as she "should", it will be 5-4, as it is now.

  • Dark of the Moon Mar 2, 2011

    I do not support everything Obama gas done...however, no laws were changed, processes altered, discussions shut out in order to get laws passed and at no time did he request a law changed to increase his power. Big difference.



    Then you have not been paying attention to what has been going on in Washington for the last 2 years. Laws were changed, processes altered, discussions shut out.

    At least the school board is going through proper procedure to get this done. ALL citizens need the SAME representation, so this is why he feels he should be able to vote. Otherwise, people who voted for him do not get the same representation as the other board members provide. SIMPLE.

    Charlton Dude

  • RonnieR Mar 2, 2011

    Actually, most officers do not resign their commissions when they go on retainer pay. He is probably still a BG, but in his current job, it is not necessary to address him as General, but it isn't wrong either.

  • seankelly15 Mar 2, 2011

    YouCantGetRidOfMe - He is no longer a 'general' - he is now Superintendent Tata. I realize that you want military control of civil agencies but until the constitution is changed, the military cannot control civil agencies.

    Only a 2 year old would insist on addressing him as 'general'.

  • brentbraswell1211 Mar 2, 2011


  • brentbraswell1211 Mar 2, 2011

    stop thinking were are not very smart and stop trying to make our children out to be not very smart. That is what your job is to help provide great educational standards as for my opinions, you are tying a lot of great instructors hands behind their backs and forgetting what principles are and moving us further into a authoritarian movement. Maybe you should review some of the original policies and procedures, you might learn something. Sometimes, you have to stay in the box to learn to get out of the box.

  • brentbraswell1211 Mar 2, 2011

    Provide schools the funding and flexibility to increase the length of school year. The UNITED STATES RANKS AT THE BOTTOM OF INDUSTRIALIZED NATIONS IN THE NUMBER OF INSTRUCTIONAL DAYS PROVIDED PER SCHOOL YEAR. You are kidding me. We still are the leading ones that have been sold out by our corporate industial leaders. Sending our very living over seas. I believe in sharing the wealth, but not cut your nose off to spite your face. This is the USA. Who says we have to be as other countries. Again, I will say, we are being SOLD OUT BY OUR OWN, OVER THE ALMIGHTY CHECK BOOK, OR SHOULD I SAY CREDIT CARD.