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Wake school officials meet with AdvancED for second day

Posted February 18, 2011

Wake County Public School System

— Wake County school officials spent a second day Friday meeting with an accreditation team that’s reviewing how the school board does business.

New Superintendent Tony Tata, school board Chairman Ron Margiotta and board member Keith Sutton were among a number of people meeting with the six-member panel from Atlanta-based AdvancED, which is investigating a complaint filed in March by the state NAACP and other community groups.

The complaint stems from the school board's decision last year to adopt a new student reassignment plan, which has drawn both sharp criticism and strong support of the school board’s Republican majority.

The visit was supposed to happen last year but was delayed because of board member’s concerns about the review’s scope and fairness and questions about whether board members should cooperate because of another investigation by the U.S. Office of Civil Rights.

AdvancED’s president, Mark Elgart, has said the team is not looking at the board’s policies themselves.

“They weren't coming in to dictate to us how to set policy but more or less how we follow our own policies (and) how we implement our own policies,” Sutton said Friday.

Wake school officials meet with AdvancED Wake school officials meet with AdvancED

Some board members, however, are still concerned.

“I think they should be accrediting our high schools based on the performance of our high schools, not based on whether or not board members get along or whether some members of the public have political axes to grind,” Margiotta said.

On Thursday, the review team met with other board members, community groups, principals and students. They said they were asked about the board’s performance, communication style and whether they were satisfied with the results of the board’s work.

“Right now, people are just speaking their mind. I think that's what we need right now. Everybody is talking about how we can improve as a school system,” Tata said.


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  • blackdog Feb 18, 2011

    I expect Wake County will loose accreditation.

  • theartistformerlyknownasspeedy Feb 18, 2011

    I'm unclear as to why any college would care about a "purchased" accreditation as opposed to an SAT score or GPA. Are they saying a kid with a 4.0 who aces an SAT from a non-accredited HS somehow is a lesser candidate?

  • geosol Feb 18, 2011

    Let'a get rid of this awful accreditation problem because some right wing extremists don't understand it! Who cares about the impact on our kids; that was never a concern for the right wing activists who are trying to dismantle the public school system. Just keep tossing the word "liberal" around and try to make as many boogeymen as possible. Forget reality and our kids, let's make everything a right wing political issue even though they have no idea what they are doing. Yay!

  • ncsuecu Feb 18, 2011

    I did not see AdvancED on the ballot to vote for or against. So what gives them the right to come to Wake County, NC and decide what policy should be implemented and how????They caved to a group of people led by someone not in the Raleigh Area...shake in your shoes....Those days should be over..if the schools in your neighborhood are not producing..get in there and help the teachers and principals in that school make them better. That is how quality schools and quality education is made!

  • Sister Golden Hair Feb 18, 2011

    Just disgraceful. Has nothing to do with performance. Brought on by the NAACP. Talk about racial discrimination. I am so tired of this group. They will never get why their kids don't learn. It all starts at home.

  • raleighboy21 Feb 18, 2011

    i'd have to agree... it is as if the AdvancED is trying to enforce policy and play politics instead of rating a school system based on performance. A majority of schools in this nation are neighborhood based and yet we have not heard anything come from this organization challenging the majority of school systems. Yet here they are in the middle of ours threatening our accreditation. AdvancED just needs to go back to atlanta or we need to find another accreditation firm, there are several others to choose from.

  • injameswetrust2003 Feb 18, 2011

    I agree with Chair Margiotta. Is accreditation for the school system or the high schools? AdvancEd is just another liberal organization complaining because the new Board members don't submit to liberal agendas.