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Wake superintendent takes lead in student assignment plan

Posted February 15, 2011

— The Wake County Board of Education moved Tuesday to disband its Student Assignment Committee and await input from the new superintendent on how students are assigned to schools across the county.

The board has been considering the issue in groups both large and small since they voted 5-4 a year ago to end the long-held policy of busing students to limit the proportion of low-income students in any given school. The board majority was elected in November 2009 on a promise to make that change.

Assignment committee chair and neighborhood schools advocate John Tedesco kept his update Tuesday to the board in a work session brief.

"I'd like to recommend that we suspend the ad hoc assignment committee at this time," he said.

Tedesco noted the hire of Superintendent Tony Tata, who has said he wants some say in developing a long-term plan for student assignment and new input from community groups, including a proposal Friday from the Wake Education Partnership and Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce that provides more parental choice and naturally fosters diversity.

"Choice is a good thing. School choice is a good thing," Tedesco said.

Board member Keith Sutton, a member of the minority who have defended the long-standing policy of busing for diversity, said the proposal was a good start.

"It is a good start. I think it provides a good framework," Sutton said.

Tedesco suggested that the board allow time for Tata and his team to "evaluate that plan significantly and provide recommendations."

Tata said Tuesday that it is his responsibility as superintendent to develop a plan that conforms to the school system's student assignment policy.

He expects that he can synthesize the work of Tedesco's committee along with community input and the Chamber's plan in developing a policy by late spring.

Wake County Public School System Tata takes lead in student assignment

“I am committing members of my staff,” he said. “I am going to pull them out of their jobs, and we are going to create a task force, and we are going to move forward and present to the board a plan that will endure over time.”

Tim Simmons, vice president of communications for WakeEd welcomed the news.

"We are pleased to see they are willing to take the framework and work with it,” he said. “What we requested was that the board move the framework to the superintendent and his staff for review, and that appears to be what has happened."


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  • amyjjoyner2 Feb 21, 2011

    These schools want our children to fail. They want the money but don't want to do their jobs. My child is in the 5th grade and on the 3rd grade level. These teachers wants these children to feel like failures and just drop out so that will be one less child they have to teach. It's not our chilrden not wanting to learn it's the teachers that don't want to take the time and energy to help them understand every subject. I think that these teachers need to go back to school themselves and teach them how to teach. They are suppose to be using this lottery money to help schools but it's not going to the schools but in someone elses pockeket. Whatever happend to the basic subjects such as reading,writing and basic math? If these teachers don't want to teach chrildren like they should be taught they need to find another job! The reason why they want to move all these kids across town to different schools is because it all has to do with how much money their parents have. If they don't have th

  • YoucanthandletheTRUTH Feb 16, 2011

    Look, until a decision has been made, can we stop with the senseless articles. All they do is restate and rehash everything we have all heard and it causes people to make the same comments every week on this topic. Stop making news up and wait for it to happen, then report it!

  • 5Rs Feb 16, 2011

    Military = Discipline. needed badly in WCPSS
    Military Education = Focus on learning. Needed badly in WCPSS
    Military Approach = Direct, Focused. Needed badly in WCPSS

    Seems like a good direction towards a solution to what ails WCPSS.

  • woodsman12169 Feb 16, 2011

    one thing for sure, it is apparent that oxxyboy knows absolutely nothing about the military and how it works for retirement etc. How dare you degrade someone that has accomplished more in his lifetime already than you ever will. They wouldn't let you mop the floor at west point

  • makeitright Feb 16, 2011

    Good.. I hope this guy comes in and does what he is here to do. LEAD.

  • jonnraleigh Feb 16, 2011

    Nothing good can come from putting a bunch of middle school girls together either. They are vicious to each other, but it happens all the time.

  • jonnraleigh Feb 16, 2011

    But what you don't realize is that a kid can have most of his credits but be classified as a freshman only because he hasn't completed Freshman english.

  • RM24 Feb 16, 2011

    Part of the problem is that you see no difference in a situation where someone graduates at 19 and enrolls as a freshman at 19.

  • RM24 Feb 16, 2011

    johnraleigh: They weren't in the same lockerrooms were they?

    There are alot of situations that are not good for that age difference in the high school setting. HOWEVER as I mentioned someone who missed some classes because of sickness and is GRADUATING AT 19 is a HUGE difference than someone who kept DROPPING out and ENROLLED IN JANUARY AT THE AGE of 19 as a freshman.

  • RM24 Feb 16, 2011

    And for the record on a 19 year old in high school. You all know there is a difference in graduating at 19 and being a freshman who enrolled at 19. Because he dropped out to get his "head" right, as his friends stated. But you spin it like you wish. Just remember good things are not going to come from freshman girls being in a classroom with 19 year old men that are JUST ENROLLING AS FRESHMEN!