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Wake school board agrees to cooperate with AdvancED review

Posted January 25, 2011

— Wake County school board members voted 6-2 Tuesday to cooperate with a national accreditation firm looking closely at how the board conducts its business.

Board members Chris Malone and Deborah Prickett voted against the motion that board member John Tedesco put forth in an effort to send “a unanimous message” that the board would be “fully engaged participants” in Atlanta-based AdvancED’s review.

The vote comes after several weeks of back-and-forth correspondence between school board attorneys and AdvancED about the fairness and scope of the review.

AdvancED is looking into how the board reviews, changes and adopts policy for the school system following concerns last year from the North Carolina NAACP and some in the community after the board adopted a controversial student assignment policy.

AdvanceEd inspection to go ahead AdvanceEd inspection to go ahead

Mark Elgart, AdvancED’s president, has said the purpose of its Feb.17-18 visit is not to review the policy change itself but to look at how the board operates within its own procedures.

“Our role is not to dictate policy. Our role is to help the board, within the context of our standards, govern effectively,” he said in a Jan. 14 interview with WPTF-AM. “We’ve come in here wanting to help.”

The review and visit next month, he has said, would have happened with or without the board’s cooperation.

Malone said Tuesday that he thinks the review can be fair but that it remains to be seen whether it will be.

“I hope they will, and to that end, I will be,” he said. “I will give them what they need.”

In offering up Monday’s motion, Tedesco said he still has serious concerns about the agency’s review but that AdvancED has since clarified its intent, scope and process.

“I strongly value the democratic process and believe it is our citizens who should dictate through the election process,” he said but added that it is important for the board to show that it is committed to the district’s students.

“We will proudly show a district continuing in its commitment to excellence, regardless of what those that wish to divide us can espouse,” he continued.

The issue in recent weeks has sparked an outcry by parents concerned about high schools possibly losing their accreditation if the board decided to drop it or loses it as a result of the AdvancED review.

“We've probably heard more about accreditation and diversity than anything else,” board member Keith Sutton said. “We received countless e-mails in the last two weeks encouraging us to keep the accreditation intact.”

Accreditation is important, because higher institutions of learning can use it as a factor in determining a student’s acceptance.

“As a parent of a junior in high school, the thought of him graduating from a school without accreditation is very scary,” Diana Young-Paiva, a mother of three, told board members Tuesday. “To submit an application to school without accreditation is terrifying. Move forward and do what’s best for our children.”


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  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Jan 26, 2011

    Advanced Ed doesn't accredit based on the academic performance and achievement of our schools and students. Instead, they accredit based on the actions of the school board.

    Getting the accreditation is like studying for a test. As long as you properly answer the questions and follow the liberal agenda of liberal elites including Advanced Ed, you keep your accreditation.

    No wonder Wake County has the same exact accreditation that the poorest performing schools in North Carolina have.

    Advanced Ed should be fired and we should find an accreditation body that accredits based on the academic performance and achievement of our students instead of being a way for the liberal elites to keep pushing their liberal agenda in our schools

  • randall0123a Jan 26, 2011

    Is the intent here to have government force others to change when we don't want to make a change ourselves?
    If you don't like the local schools, grocery stores, etc, then move. If you don't have the money to move, then work harder. Already working 3 jobs? If you are working 3 jobs, then you either need a less expensive car(s), a smaller house/apt, less expensive furniture/TV, and maybe you even had more children that you did not plan to provide for (on your own).
    I took out loans and put myself through night school while working construction. When I had a low income job, I lived in a low income neighborhood, had a low income car, etc. After working my tail off, and continuing to do so, I now have better things. I only have one child, as taxes take quite a sizable portion of my salary - to provide for others that will not provide for themselves. THIS is what we should be teaching our children – work for what you want, not rant and complain until you are allowed to receive from others.

  • bombayrunner Jan 26, 2011

    Can't wait to see the results of this thing.

  • Not_So_Dumb Jan 26, 2011

    "Where were all these people who support neighborhood schools when the previous school bond issue failed?"-superman

    When was this? The most recent bond brought to the public PASSED after a half-million dollars of corporate donations for advertising and hard sell on the year-round boondoggle.

  • chargerschic19 Jan 26, 2011

    So let me get this straight...Rev. Barber believes that community schools would harm students and educational opportunites, right? So he phones up a group that can take accreditation from the schools, which in turn would harm students and educational opportunities.
    Isn't that counter-productive?

  • RMC10 Jan 26, 2011

    And so Rev. Barber gets his revenge on the Board (who had him arrested for disrupting the Board Meeting). Which lead to him invoking his NAACP card, and calling in his "peeps" in power - advancED, that let to them invoking their "accreditation" card and pulling in SACS - which pulled in their ...and it all leads back to Rev. Barber getting his revenge for getting arrested...

  • independentvoter3 Jan 26, 2011

    "This accreditation group has been around since the 1800's."

    True, but they have only being doing district accreditation, which is what is at question here, since 2004. As I said before, I have no problem with an educational group reviewing education, but when they start reviewing elected officials, they immediately become political.

    Yep NSD... very obvious indeed! Makes me wonder why the board would even go along. I mean really, what could they do? Remove their very questionable accreditation? Let them!!! Then put the spotlight on their process for accreditation! I wonder how much money it costs to buy, oh.. I mean EARN, this so called accreditation? I can tell you fellow parents one thing though... your child tanks the SAT... no accreditation will save them. Think about it!

  • superman Jan 26, 2011

    Where were all these people who support neighborhood schools when the previous school bond issue failed? They didnt seem to be interested in schools then? Now the schools have a billion dollars and it will take years to build all the new schools. A new school takes 3 to 5 years to build so there is not a quick fix. How many students will need to be reassigned for the new plan and how much can we expect to be saved from busing? Inquiring mind wants to know.

  • superman Jan 26, 2011

    You ain't seen nothing yet. You just wait until all the millions of dollars of federal grant money dries up! They already lost 30 million or didnt you people even notice or care about that when you support neighbhood schools and the new board. You remember the 3 million the board wasted when they changed the location of the new high school. This board has already cost the taxpayers $33 million. They backtrack every decision they make. You can call it neighborhood schools or whatever you want-- but in the final result is segregation-- pure and simple. Federal grants will continue to "dry up" until the neighborhood school issue is resolved in the courts. When local money is requested to replace the lost federal funds-- you might just change your tune. They already short the 30 million dollar federal grant money.

  • clayt85 Jan 26, 2011

    Any else noticed that Tedesco always phrases his statements as some form of epic battle of "us" against "those who would divide us".

    He would learn much from simply looking at facts rather than continuing to stick to his preconceived notions, maintaining that anyone who challenges him is somehow evil or bad.