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Goldman says she'll support AdvancED review

Posted January 19, 2011

— Wake County school board Vice Chairwoman Debra Goldman is speaking out on the impasse between the board and a national accrediting agency planning a review of the board’s effectiveness and governance.

Goldman issued a statement Wednesday afternoon saying she will support the review and will meet with members of AdvancED when they come to Raleigh next month.

“I believe the dialogue with AdvancED has created a chasm between our two institutions which, while understandable, is not in the best interest of our students,” Goldman said.

Atlanta-based AdvancED is looking into the board following a complaint filed last year by the North Carolina NAACP alleging that some board members want to segregate the school system.

The school board’s attorneys have sent e-mails and a letter questioning the fairness and scope of the review and insisting that attorneys be able to act in the interest of board members, partly because of a legal challenge that the NAACP also filed with the U.S. Office of Civil Rights.

AdvanceED has denied the requests, and CEO Mark Elgart has called the board resistant to the review and has even suggested it consider dropping the accreditation.

“While some board members may have concerns with the way that authority may be ultimately executed, I do respect AdvancED’s position to enforce their process on their accredited schools,” Goldman said. “As both a parent and a school board member, I value the accreditation process, and I am gravely concerned for our students and their prospects for future success, particularly graduating seniors, if we refuse to participate in the review.”

The disagreement between the two groups has led school board members to discuss the possibility of dropping AdvanceED and look to another accreditation agency, board member John Tedesco has said.

The issue stems from the NAACP complaint filed in March after the board voted to move away from a longstanding policy of busing students to achieve socio-economic diversity for neighborhood schools.

Opponents believe the move will segregate students, lead to high teacher turnovers and keep economically disadvantaged students from getting the same quality of education as their counterparts.

Supporters of the plan disagree, saying it will improve student achievement, allow parents to be more involved in their children’s education and give parents more choice.


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  • Remy Jan 21, 2011

    Thank you Ms. Goldman and Ms. Morrison for looking out for our children. The rest of board does not seem to care what happens to them.

  • chevybelair57sd Jan 21, 2011

    Debra is merely using this for continued exposure to politics, hope her career is short lived or this mess leads to a majority parent resolution minus more politics

  • cwmllc1952 Jan 21, 2011

    Unfortunately the NAACP will go to any length to be in charge.Right or wrong.AdvancedED is just another scared puppet.Wake County and NC should stand up to these people and do what is right for our communities or do away with our expensive governments and let the NAACP and it's puppets rule the whole state.The NAACP is a very biased group with no interest in what is best for everyone.

  • Kristen168 Jan 20, 2011

    I see a lot of anti-majority school board comments not being allowed to be posted by the WRAL censor, yet some real ugly ones are allowed to be directed at Debra Goldman. Curious.

  • Peace Love and Cold Meds Jan 20, 2011

    WRAL BOYCOTT: Those who feel wral has become nothing short of a parasite with the schools issue should avoid buying ANYTHING from ANY of their advertisers or anyone who does business with them.

    Sorry Jimmy Goodmon, this one is going to cost you in your wallet.

  • Peace Love and Cold Meds Jan 20, 2011

    "what gives Ms. Goldman the right to lie about what she would do once elected?"

    She's now been elected and the power trip has gone to her head. She's going to have a real interesting time of it soon, when decisions will have to be made, they can't avoid many much longer, and then the media will come after her because she can't defend both sides of every argument. When that happens, she'll totally cave. Wait and watch and see.

  • Remy Jan 20, 2011

    North Raleigh dad - Ms Goldman has not changed her position. However she had the guts to stand up, or look down, to Tedesco and tell him she did not agree with his approach to the goal at hand. He has no clue how to get to the goal and she did not want to see this turned into a bigger mess by making rash decisions. She has more umph in her than any other board member. She also saw the issue with accreditation, even when Tedesco was shooting off at the mouth again about finding other acceditations, and she stood up for our children and did not let herself get railroaded into a bigger mess. I appaud her!

  • North Raleigh Dad Jan 20, 2011

    Would someone please help me understand. Pro neighborhood schools or against, what gives Ms. Goldman the right to lie about what she would do once elected? I know the easy explanation is that all people in politics lie, but I would love for her to admit it. But then again, It is what it is.

  • rightisright58 Jan 20, 2011

    jjnral: I would be proud to call you a friend! I think every Wake County citizen (whether their children to go school now or not) should donate $5.00 towards Mr. Tedesco's mortgage and bring it out of foreclosure since HE ALONE has stood up for the children of this great County! Thank you for your opinion. It matters to many...

  • form1 Jan 20, 2011

    @ charltondude
    1)What statistics says that since you come from low economic level that you will be challenged educationally. So do you think that once all the low income students go to one school that Wake County will provide the resources to make them better? That qualified teachers would go there and work? That affluent neighborhoods near these schools would want there children to go there, or would they want to be bused across town?
    2) What proof do you have of this, is this your opinion. What is the average bus ride of a student? How many students are above this average? I have not heard or seen one parent complain that there child has to long of a bus ride. This is the boards way of pushing there agenda. No substance or facts, just ideas. The people complaining are ones who have these students coming to there neighborhoods.
    3) Same as number 2. Does your kid ride a bus to unfamiliar surroundings?
    4) How much money will be saved if they stop busing? $0